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The cotton spinning factory of the company has the productivity of 50,000 spindle ring-spun yarns, 504 rotor-spun yarns, 3,800 plied yarns and 12 combed yarns, with totally 500 employees. Since 2006, the factory has successively invested tens of millions of RMB to carry out large-scale equipment upgrading and technical transformation, and been equipped with advanced quality testing equipment, with all the technical indexes of the products reaching 25% of USTER STATISTICS.

Currently, the factory is mainly engaged in production and operation of 10-60 fully-combed yarns, semi-combed yarns, rotor-spun yarns and plied yarns, with the product superiority of over 98%. In 2007, the factory accumulatively produced 6,031 tons of cotton yarns the in the whole year, completed the sales revenue of RMB 110 million and realized the profits and taxes of RMB 5.01 million, which were increased by 43.30%, 214% and 6.8 times respectively compared with 2006.