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To show concern to the earth, ecological earth, ecological China and ecological Fynex
Life is a journey of fantasy. Each life can’t do without air, soil, water and foodstuff. All those form major parts of the environment. The modern city bristled with armored concrete is helping us to hunt for our self-wroth and enabling us to long for the embrace of returning to nature. Against fresh spring, running water, chirping birds and fragrant flowers, you can listen to the rustling sound in the mountain and feel the simple essence in mother nature. It would prove to be a pleasant thing. However, industrial technology shows continuous innovation along with constant social progress. While enjoying the convenience brought about by scientific and technological progress, we also bring the earth, our homeland for survival, to more fragility. Environment is likened to water that can both carry and subvert ships. Without benign ecological environment, we can’t attain sustainable social progress or sound development of the company.

Operation and environment facilities—as a part of energy conservation, emission reduction and forerunner in environmental protection, Fynex Textile is actively responding to the call of the era. While seeking for its own development, it is reinforcing social responsibility, rooting for low-carbon development. ‘To show concern to the earth, ecological earth, ecological China and ecological Fynex’ is our forever development concept. By developing recycled economy. It began to dedicate to building of environmental protection in 1989. In 1991, it won ‘advanced group for environmental protection of the country’. In 2000, it won the ‘qualification for operation of environmental pollutant governance’. In 2007, it was conferred ‘model company for recycled economy’. In recent years, it is dedicated to reverse osmosis membrane sewage recovery project. It uses biological deodorization technology to dispose with bad smell for handling with discharge of sewage and has obtained new breakthrough. In 2016, it inputs money to setter flue gas treatment and waste heat recovery devices that save energy, are environmental and economic.

Green and environmental product—our company takes the initiatives to have passed ISO9001 management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for international ecological textile product. It does not use dyes and chemicals that might impose harm to people. It develops new, healthy and comfortable fabrics to provide outstanding products o many sports brand merchants in China. It produces fabrics for school uniforms by strictly following School Uniform for Primary and Middle-School Students (GB /T31888-2015). It has won highest accolade as ‘national inspection-free product’ and’ famous product in China.

Garment is an indispensable necessity in our life and is an article that is in most direct contact with our body. Environmental conservation, health and comfort form the first tenet of our product. Fynex has been forever sticking to the operation concept of ‘concern to the earth, ecological earth, ecological China and ecological Fynex’, pays high attention to implementing social responsibility in its development, puts implementation of social responsibility as a political, corporate and epochal responsibility.