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Company culture is an organic whole formed during the development process of an outfit in which all members have a faith in practical value concept, mindset and operation code that aggregates spiritual culture, behavioral culture and physical culture into one.

Company culture is usually bristled with individual traits of its founder and is embodiment of the unique glamor of its entrepreneurs. Therefore, entrepreneurs are the founder and reflector of company culture building. Its psychological mindset, character, willpower, mental means and wisdom all directly lead to the overall pattern and individual traits of company culture. Internal structure level and value of company culture in Fynex should be rationally analyzed, researched and re-dug. It should continuously reflect and upgrades the core connotation of ‘guiding by technology, putting people in the center, overall progress and contributing more to social progress’ in its long-term practice and grinding.

1. Development goal: it is dedicated to becoming a global high-end leading brand on textile fabric
It sets up an overall goal for development orientation of Fynex. By starting from the practice, it takes root in the dyeing and fishing industry, vigorously extends to relevant downtown and upstream industries and continuously establishes an integrated production and operation system in alignment with development requirements of textile industry. It quickens technological reform, reinforces degree of equipment introduction and product innovation and strives to reach the level of world-class company in new products, new technologies and new fabrics on the ground that it takes the leading position in domestic field. in the meantime, the company will adhere to the operational policy of practice and stability and strives to reach balanced development in new product development, technological innovation, marketing, internal management and asset operation before providing forceful guarantee to realize its overall goal.

2. Development concept: with specialty as foundation of development, it seeks for stability in progress and hunts for development in stability.

3. Strategic goal: with low cost, new variety, high quality, optimized services and punctual delivery as the professional foundation and customers as the center, it initiatively learns about customers’ demands, provides comprehensive and pertinent solution and becomes guarantee for customers’ confidence and indispensable long-term partners.

4. Brand faith: specialty, dedication, teamwork, innovation and responsibility

5. Brand advertisement: attention on particularity and accomplishment of perfection

6. Core value concept: dedication to specialty, dedication to perfect quality and services, customers in the center, respect to individuals, reliance on teamwork and more contribution to social progress.

7. Quality policy: strive to provide more satisfying products to customers.
Quality improvement only has a starting point and sees to end. The process of continuous optimization is the responsibility of all employees and the premise that satisfies customers’ demands and expectation.
Customers can be satisfied but can never be appeased. Continuous pursuit of more satisfaction among customers is the obligation of all employees and the impetus spurring company development and expansion.
We are providing more satisfying product to customers to ensure long-term interests of all beneficial owner (customers, employees, owner, supplier and society)

8. Operation concept: integrity in the center, mutual benefit and win-win
Fynex adheres to the operation concept of ‘integrity in the center, mutual benefit and win-win’ and pragmatic operation policy. It sticks to creation of customers and market with commitment on quality, price and services, roundly boosts product quality, endeavors to provide more satisfying products to customers, shares high-quality product resources with users, reports back reasonable operational results to the society, services the industry and spurs industrial advancement and social progress.

9. Basic standard: love for the company, the post and the products
Fynex advocates unified behavioral code, improved qualities, updated dedication, set-up of occupational morality, exploration of potentials and embodiment of self-values on the ground of ‘three loves’ so that they can accomplish themselves while accomplishing themselves and contribute more to social progress.

10. Value concept: morality, cooperation, specialty and loyalty
Fynex puts moral quality as its first orientation and requires that its employees pay attention to cultivation of personality, morality, wisdom and willpower, participate in the outfits have teamwork spirits, acquire some skills, boost their professional level, have the mindset to advance in sync with the company, show approval to its company culture and stay loyal to the value orientation of career development.

11. Concept of recruitment:
By forever sticking to the management principle of ‘putting people in the center’, Fynex requires that it have good mindset responsibility, psychological responsibility, skills and physical quality. In selection, it would adopt the means of recommendation and recruitment and appoint people based on their talents. In use of talents, the company would disregard regions or kinship. Talents come the first. Able people are recruited, average people give their jobs away and mundane people are sacked. It is actively creating and providing a platform to bring about talents of employees. Through building of internal incentive and constraint as well as elimination mechanism, it is further working on labor, human resources and distribution system and reinforces employees’ sense of belonging to the company.

12. Management concept: entirety is larger than summation of portions
It is also a systematic perspective and methodology in company management of Fynex. Employees’ quality, management concept, organizational structure, company culture, physical rounds and development strategy form an organic whole with overall factors covering labor force knowledge, technology, management and capital interlocked and making joint progress. The overall progress of a company both stresses technology, equipment and other hardware factors but also pays attention to such software factors as company culture. It stresses both economic efficiency and social responsibility and environmental conservation before forming a people-centered modernized management system and endeavoring towards an international first-rated company.

13. Development concept: to grow together with the company
People are the most vibrant factor in productivity. All our work should keep a watchful eye on employees’ physical cultural life and improvement of employees’ quality. We should strive to facilitate people’s comprehensive development. The company punctuates benign interaction of talents and company and expects to grow together with the company, which is of paramount importance. Each ladder the company ascends requires that employees’ comprehensive quality also ascend a ladder before forming benign interaction. By spurring company advancement with talents and spurring talents to stick out with company progress, it would eventually reach combination of physical and spiritual civilization and spur their mutual advancement.

14. Joint vision: synchronous accomplishment of the company and self
Employees working for Fynex enjoy the opportunity of round development. The company stresses accomplishing of self while accomplishing the company. It seeks for joint development of employees the company and joint progress of the company and the company. With realization of employees’ individual worth, a company’s expansion will be attained and its progress will be realized. With development of the company, people’s values can be realized. Progress of the company leads to more significance on the survival of the company.

15. Company style: be realistic and down-to-earth
All work should start from the reality and adopts a down-to-earth manner. We should base ideological knowledge and behavior on science, dare to be pragmatic, forgo formalism and let go do things for appearance sake. We should do things correctly. We should combine what is needed and what is probable and fuse extension and practice. By fusing work zeal and scientific mindset, we should innovatively carry out work and make work more viable and more efficient.