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About Us
Since its establishment, Fynex Textile has gone through initial stage to the new stage of overall development. In the meantime, after over two decades of historic deposits, it has formed company culture concept featuring Fynex characteristics, reflects the traditional cultural deposit of dedication, devotion, honest operation and repayment. It also reflects people-centered and continuously innovative essence of modern culture that stresses technology and exerts major impacts on ‘internal quality inside and set-up of image outside’.

In the future, competition among companies is one on company culture. Past development of Fynex Textile can’t do without company culture and in the future, its development also can’t do without company culture. Advanced company culture will further spur harmonious building and development of Fynex Textile and is fused in a company’s vitality, creation and cohesion. It will become a joint value concept, compatibility and integrated force approved by the company from bottom up.

1. Development goal:it is dedicated to becoming a global high-end leading brand on knitted fabric
2. Development concept: with specialty as the foundation for development, it does not let go stability in development and seeks for development in stability.
3. Strategic goal:with low cost, new variety, high quality, good services and punctual delivery as the base and customers in the center, it initiatively digs into customers’ demands, provides comprehensively pertinent solution and becomes guarantee to guarantee customers’ confidence and indispensable long-term partner.
4. Brand faith:specialty, dedication, teamwork, innovation, responsibility
5. Brand advertisement:attention on particularity and accomplishment of perfection
Value concept:dedicated and professional, it is dedicated to perfect quality and services. With customers in the center, it respects people, relies on teams and contributes more to social progress.
Quality policy: it strives to offer more satisfying products to customers.
8. Operation concept:integrity as the center, mutual benefit and win-win
9. Basic standard:love to the company, love to the post and love to product
10. Talent concept: morality, cooperation, specialty and dedication
11. Concept of recruitment:make use of the talent, make the best of people’s talent, being comprehensively talented and survival of the fittest
12. Management concept:the entirety is larger than summation of parts
13. Development concept:to grow together with the company
14. Joint vision: to accomplish companies and self
15. Company glamor:to be down-to-earth and practical.