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Chen Junming, Male
Born in 1947, Chen Junming is a member of Communist Party of China, economic professor, Doctor of Economic, doctoral supervisor of economics in Fujian Normal University and doctoral supervisor of politics in Huaqiao University. He is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research of economic theory, economic philosophy and management philosophy as well as the guidance for writing doctoral dissertations of doctoral students from economics and politics. Formerly serving as the deputy director of Institute of Social Sciences in Huaqiao University, the vice director of Department of International Economics and the dean of School of Humanities in Quanzhou Normal College, he is the director of Institute of Economics in Quanzhou Normal College and an independent director of the company at present.

Dai Zhongchuan, Male
Born in July 1965, Dai Zhongchuan is a male master with Chinese nationality but without permanent residency abroad. He once was the head of the teaching and research section of International Economic Law and the deputy director of Department of Law in Huaqiao University, Quanzhou vice co-chairman of China Democratic National Construction Association, the deputy to the tenth and eleventh National People's Congress, a visiting professor of Asia International Open University, the ninth CPPCC standing committee of Quanzhou City, an independent director of Tianguang Fire-Fighting Co., Ltd. and an independent director of Fujian Lihao Electronic Co., Ltd., and won the first prize of Fujian Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. Currently, he is the assistant dean and postgraduate tutor of Law School in Huaqiao University, the deputy to the twelfth National People's Congress, the vice co-chairman of Fujian Provincial Committee and the co-chairman of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee in China Democratic National Construction Association, the member of Central Commission of Legislative Affairs in China Democratic National Construction Association, the CPPCC Standing Committee of Quanzhou City, the member of Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee of Quanzhou Municipal People's Congress, the standing director of Fujian Provincial Law Society, the director of the National Association of Vocational Education of China in Quanzhou City, an arbitrator of Quanzhou Arbitration Committee, an independent non-executive director of ANTA Sports Products Limited, as well as an independent director of Xingye Leather Technology Co., Ltd. and the company.

Xiao Hong, Female
Born in 1967, Xiao Hong is a member of Communist Party of China, a postdoctor of Practical Economics (Statistics), a doctor of Management (Accountancy), a professor of Accountancy and a doctoral supervisor in Xiamen University, a researcher in Accounting Development Research Center of Xiamen University, and a member of Basic Theory Committee of Accounting Major in Accounting Society of China. She once was a lecturer of Accounting Department in School of Business Administration of Jimei University, an associate professor of Accounting Department in School of Management of Xiamen University, as well as an independent director of Xiamen Wan’an Intelligent Co., Ltd. and Fujian Lihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Currently, she is an independent director of Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd., Xiamen Intretech Inc., Longyan Zhuoyue New Energy Co., Ltd. and the company.

Liu Hongcan, Male
Born in 1978, Liu Hongcan has bachelor degree and is a certified public accountant and senior accountant. From Sept.2001-Dec.2011, he was a senior manager of Business Department and Internal Control Department in Grant Thornton (Xiamen) (formerly known as Xiamen Pan-China Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd.); from Dec. 2011 to now, he was a partner of Xiamen Tianjian Consulting Co., Ltd. Currently, he is an independent director of the company.

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