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Fujian Fynex Textile Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Fujian Fynex Textile Technologies Limited Liability (short as Fynex Textile, stock code: 600493) is a listed company specialized at processing of cotton spinning, dyeing, finishing, knitted fabric, tube dyed yarn production and operation of environmental utilities. In April, 2004, it was listed in A stock in China with a registered capital of 272 million Yuan and a total asset of 1.367 billion Yuan. The company has textile manufacturing plant, dyeing plant, bleaching plant, pollutant processing factory and textile branch company. Over 80% of its devices have reached world’s advanced level. Its infrastructures on water, power, gas and sewage disposal are completed and its production devices have reached the world’s advanced level. It has formed a comparatively completed technological innovation system and industrial chain, it is Top 100 key industrial company in Fujian, nationwide large-scaled industrial company, largest knitting, dyeing, finishing factory in Fujian and export base of textile products.

The company takes the initiatives to have passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Oeko Tex Standard 100 for international ecological textile product, Intertek ecological product certification in British ITS Company, green certification and global certification for textile product and organic cotton. Its detection center has passed ‘CNAS’ certification in national approval committee and becomes the first laboratory for detection of textile products. In 2006, its technological center was certified as a ‘state-level company technology center’, the first in the textile industry in China. Fynex brand textile fabric falls green and environmental middle and high-end product. It has been respectively conferred such honors as ‘famous product in Fujian’ and ‘famous product in China’. It won ‘first batch of innovative companies in Fujian’ and ‘national energy-saving and emission-reducing outstanding company in the country’. In 2007, it was listed as a ‘pilot unit for recycled economy in the country.’ In 2008, its project entitled Big Flux Disposal, Recovery and Use Technology and Industrialization of Printing and Dyeing Waste Water won ‘national second prize for scientific and technological progress’. In 2009, it was deemed as an ‘innovative pilot company of the country’. In 2010, it knocked into ‘Global Fortune 500 in textile garment companies in China’. In 2011, it was deemed as a ‘state innovative company’. In 2012, it was conferred the title as ‘model company for applying of energy-saving and emission-reduction technology in textile industry’. In 2013, it was conferred the title as ‘model company for clean production in the country’, and in 2015, it was honored as ‘model company for textile technological innovation’.

‘To contribute more to social progress’ is the core value concept and development concept for company culture in Fynex that also accomplishes the company’s speedy growth and continuous progress. The company continues to implement the development strategy featuring ‘consolidation of proprietors, diversified development and internationalized operation’, actively widening new development space, dedicating itself to growing into a comprehensive cross-industry holding company aggregating textile, branded customers, environmental conservation and investment and contributing itself to continuous development of textile industry and quickened building of Haixi Economic Zone.