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Zhuang Limei, female, born in September 1962, Jinjiang, Fujian, junior high school education. He joined the work in January 1989 and was a ticket maker, warehouse keeper, cashier and accounts receivable manager of the Company at Fengzhu Knitting Factory; he is currently the accounts receivable supervisor and supervisor of the Company.


Guo Xiuzhen, female, born in December 1974, Zhangzhou, Fujian, college degree. He took part in the work in February 1995 and was an office clerk and statistician of Fengzhu Knitting Factory. He is currently in charge of the Statistics Department of the Company.


Hu Zhiji, male, born in 1982, member of the Communist Party of China, bachelor degree, national first-level human resource manager, national first-level labor relations coordinator, junior accountant, Fujian Province May 1st Labor Medal. He used to be the payroll accountant, compensation supervisor, human resources manager of the company's human resources department, and is currently the manager of the company's personnel administration department.

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