The mother's family, Fengzhu trade union work tour.

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In recent years, the trade union work of Fengzhu Group has been continuously extended, and "trade union groups" have been set up in each workshop to build trade union organizations in every corner of the company. It is this large and sound trade union team that allows the Fengzhu family to withstand every storm.


Add "insurance" to the happiness of employees and let love sublimate the warmth of "home. The trade union of Fengzhu Group established the "Employee Care Fund", established files for employees in difficulties, carried out poverty alleviation activities, implemented the "send warmth" project, and used a sound assistance mechanism to ensure that the rights and interests of every employee can be protected. union chairman hu zhiji

"Our union is to the company's employees as the core of the work, we take every step, are in the direction of the most needed employees. The union is the employee's" mother's family ", each employee is a member of the extended family, encounter difficulties, we will accompany you to face together, together to find a way to solve."


The trade union of Fengzhu Group has a sound labor protection organization and a labor protection supervision and inspection organization. Over the years, it has actively done good things for its employees and invested a total of 864000 yuan in occupational health testing and labor protection every year.



A. Staff Fu Xiaohong

"On September 7, 2019, my husband died of a sudden myocardial infarction while working. At that time, my eyes were blank. After knowing about this, the union accompanied me to visit a number of law firms throughout the process to understand the relevant legal provisions and provide legal protection for compensation."



(Trade Union Chairman Hu Zhiji to carry out labor dispute mediation)

The Fengzhu Group trade union has also set up a labor dispute mediation committee and a labor law supervision committee, whose members are composed of employees from various departments, and have properly handled a number of labor-management relations incidents.



A. Staff Hou Pengfei

"In October this year, my wife found out with systemic lupus erythematosus, when the disease is more acute, hospitalized for 25 days, the company learned of the news, the first time to give us a condolence money of 20000 yuan, and then take the initiative to help us raise money. Here, I am very grateful to the company's leaders and colleagues to give us care and help."



(Fengzhu trade union, happy with my mother's family)

The trade union of Fengzhu Group has taken multiple measures to improve the democratic management system of the enterprise, actively safeguard the legitimate interests of employees, and enhance employees' sense of trust and belonging to the company, which better reflects the company's humanistic care for employees.


Since the establishment of the trade union, Fengzhu Group and its trade union have been awarded "National Civilized Unit", "National Model Workers' Home", "National Demonstration Unit for Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs" and "Demonstration Unit for Employee Care Fund". Lovely trade unionists make the trade union warm and energetic.





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