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On February 15, the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Evaluation Results of the National Enterprise Technology Center in 2021", which disclosed the evaluation results of the National Enterprise Technology Center. Fujian Fengzhu Group Co., Ltd. and other seven Jinjiang enterprises with national enterprise technology center were rated as "good".


Encouragement policy

It is understood that after enterprises are recognized by the National Enterprise Technology Center, they can undertake the research and development tasks of the central financial science and technology plan (special projects, funds, etc.), enjoy a number of incentive policies, and be supported by more countries in terms of innovation capacity building, high-tech industrialization, and the development of strategic emerging industries.


Management method

According to the relevant management measures, in principle, the operation evaluation of the national enterprise technology center is organized every two years, and the score of 90 points or more is "excellent"; the score is "good" between 65 points and 90 points (excluding 90 points); the score is "basically qualified" between 60 points and 65 points (excluding 65 points); the score of less than 60 is "unqualified". National enterprise technology centers rated as "basically qualified" will be warned and urged to rectify, while national enterprise technology centers and sub-centers rated as "unqualified" will be disqualified.




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