Love Helps Concentric War Epidemic

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Love help, concentric war epidemic. Fengzhu Textile donated 1.4 million yuan in cash to help prevent and control the epidemic. Among them, 1 million yuan was donated to Jinjiang Red Cross Society, 200000 yuan to Meiling Sub-district Office and 200000 yuan to Anton Garden of Jinjiang Economic Development Zone through Jinjiang Charity Federation. All the efforts were made to overcome the difficulties and wait for the spring flowers to bloom and the "epidemic" to spread.



Affected by the epidemic, Fengzhu Company immediately set up a new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic emergency prevention and control management leading group, at the same time, divided into: 1, prevention and control work touch and arrangement group; 2, logistics support group; 3, prevention and control work publicity group; 4, set up a safety emergency team. The company's party working group set up a prominent party member team and an anti-epidemic volunteer service team in the first place to give full play to the leading role of party members and trade unions. The volunteer service team went to various nucleic acid detection points (Anton Garden in Jinjiang Economic Development Zone, Jinjiang Infant Industry Creation Park, Jinjiang No.8 Experimental Primary School) to assist medical personnel in nucleic acid detection and contribute to this invisible battle.



Adhere to the anti-epidemic work as the current top priority, the company's various departments to strengthen prevention and control measures, follow the command, obey the dispatch, go all out to prevent and control the epidemic.












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