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1, the stock market tide tide, investment should be cautious.

2, rational view of the bull market, sound value investment.

3, more cautious, less risk; More understanding, less loss.

4, keep in mind the "buyer conceit" principle, rational management of personal wealth.

5, to protect the basic life, do not risk investment.

6, do your homework and then speculate in stocks, clearly do shareholders.

7, the stock market is volatile, the allocation of capital is risky.

8, "grapevine" is not credible, "concept hype" is harmful.

9. Resist the temptation of "profiteering" and prevent "illegal securities activities".

10, illegal issuance is not credible, investment common sense can not be violated.

11, consciously stay away from illegal securities activities, and effectively protect their own interests.


12, first seek knowledge, then invest, less loss.

13, do not follow the trend, do not superstition, do not follow blindly.

15, the stock market is risky, do what you can; rational participation, do not sell houses to speculate in stocks, borrow money to speculate in stocks.

16, buy stocks is not to buy lottery tickets, to rational judgment and choice.

17, do not listen to "insider information", "stock market dark horse", "restructuring theme", scientific judgment, prudent investment.

18, adhere to rational investment, away from illegal securities, to prevent fraud.


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