The resumption rate has reached 95%, the resumption rate is also as high as 92%, phoenix bamboo textile is how to do it?

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Meticulous temperature measurement, protection, production, scheduling scientific and orderly ...... Yesterday is the weekend, Fengzhu textile workshop is still a busy scene, the workers are full of energy, seize the production of new orders.

The reporter learned that, as of now, the resumption rate of Fengzhu Textile has reached 95%, and the resumption rate is as high as 92%. "Being able to resume work and production smoothly is closely related to our old employees who are basically in place and have joined a number of new employees." Hu Zhiji, chairman of Fengzhu Textile Trade Union, told reporters that the addition of new employees has added confidence to Fengzhu Textile. In fact, for manufacturing enterprises, recruitment has always been a big problem. However, in this extraordinary period, it is not easy for Fengzhu Textile to recruit more than 120 new employees against the trend. Taking the old with the new is the main way for Fengzhu Textile to recruit new employees. The new employees are most satisfied with the benefits provided by Fengzhu Textile.


"Employees want to join the enterprise, mainly depends on the treatment, welfare and logistics. In addition to salary advantages, we will also pay social security for employees and arrange employees' children to go to school." Hu Zhiji said that these details are of great concern to employees, and Fengzhu Textile has been paying close attention to and working hard to solve them.

During the outbreak, how to ensure the safety of employees to work, to a certain extent, affect the determination of employees to travel. In order to dispel the concerns of employees, Fengzhu Textile started the service mode of sending cars back. "As long as the number of employees in a place exceeds 5, we will arrange a car to pick it up. This can not only avoid the possibility of cross-infection of employees on the road, but also bring convenience to employees to report for duty." After consulting the details of all parties, Hu Zhiji said that Fengzhu Textile has now sent its own cars to pick up 80 employees, chartered cars to pick up more than 60 employees, and organized by Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to pick up 10 workers. Among them, there are employees from Fujian Province, Guizhou, Henan, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places.


In Fengzhu Textile, banners and posters related to the strict prevention and control of the epidemic and the safe resumption of work and production can be seen everywhere, and the broadcast of epidemic prevention and control knowledge is even more rolling. Hu Zhiji told reporters that since the company resumed work, it has strictly implemented the establishment of "one person, one file" health records for returning personnel, and has made unremitting efforts in personnel control, material reserves, daily management, publicity and education, and other aspects. The company tests the temperature of employees in the morning and evening every day, gives masks to employees every day, and keeps the distance between stations above 1 meter. The staff canteen strictly implements the packing and sharing system. Employees eat in the canteen strictly one table per person, and the distance between tables is kept above 1.5 meters. "it is our responsibility to protect our employees, and we also hope to enhance their self-protection ability and consciousness in this way." Hu Zhiji said.



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