Fight the epidemic, donate money and materials! Fengzhu, Shu Hua, trumpeter, Xi Duoduo and other Jin enterprises are in action!

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Fengzhu Textile Directional Donation to Huoshenshan Hospital 1 million yuan

Today, Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan to Huoshenshan Hospital through Jinjiang Red Cross for epidemic prevention and control. "The whole country is doing its best to prevent and control the epidemic, which is a matter for every citizen. It is a great thing that the Fire God Mountain Hospital can be completed in just ten days, and it needs to rely on great investment." Chen Qing, chairman of Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that it is not easy for every enterprise to operate at present, but patience will eventually overcome the difficulties. Although the amount of 1 million yuan is not much, it is a wish of the enterprise. This is the joint decision of all the cadres of the company, and everyone hopes to work together to overcome the current problem.



Shu Hua Sports Donates 1 million Yuan to Help Wuhan Fight Epidemic

Recently, the development of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic has been affecting the attention of the people across the country. Shu Hua Sports has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic, and on February 2, through the Jinjiang Charity Federation, donated 1 million yuan to the Wuhan Charity Federation., Used to support Wuhan and surrounding cities to do a good job in the fight and prevention of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. In addition, Shu Hua also released scientific home fitness methods through the official public number, conveying the concept of scientific fitness, hoping that everyone will adhere to exercise during the home, develop scientific exercise habits, improve their own immunity, in a better state to fight the epidemic, to maintain health. Shuhua Sports said that it will continue to pay attention to the epidemic, do its best to provide help to support the prevention and control of the epidemic, and show the social responsibility of enterprises with modest efforts. I believe that with the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, we will surely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control! Come on, Wuhan! Come on China!


Trumpeter Costume Donates Nearly a Thousand Goggles

The epidemic is ruthless and people are sentient. On the afternoon of February 2, Jinjiang Trumpeter Clothing Co., Ltd. took active action to donate goggles and other urgently needed supplies for epidemic prevention to the Yinglin Town Central Health Center in Jinjiang City. "The company has nearly 1000 goggles, which can be donated if needed by the hospital." Hong Jingxin, general manager of trumpeter clothing, sent a circle of friends. He told reporters that he had this idea for several days, but he didn't know how to donate. Later, when I learned that Yinglin Town Central Health Center had this demand, I quickly sent out the materials. "All the medical staff of Yinglin Town Central Health Center are still working tirelessly and silently on the front line of epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, which is supposed to be reunited with their relatives. We are deeply moved. As a modern enterprise, we have only done a social responsibility and assumed an obligation. We express our deep respect to all the medical staff who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic." hong Jingxin said. In this regard, Wang Huiyu, deputy dean of the Yinglin Town Central Health Center, said that during the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, caring companies are full of infinite care for medical workers, and timely delivery of prevention and control materials, which inspired the hospital to overcome the epidemic. The fighting spirit and courage provide us with a strong backing and strong guarantee for winning this "war without gunpowder." we will organize and make good use of this batch of donated materials, live up to the ardent hopes of all sectors of society, and make it maximize social benefits. We have the confidence and determination to overcome all difficulties and protect the health of the people."


Xiduoduo has successively donated additional materials to deliver to the first-line epidemic areas.

On the morning of the 2nd, the third batch of 3000 products donated by Xiduo Group arrived in Wuhan in batches. The materials were received by Hubei TV Station and distributed to the first-line editorial team of Radio and Television. It is reported that the remaining part of the group's third batch of aid materials will arrive in Wuhan's key epidemic areas on the 3rd and be used for front-line posts. In fact, as early as January 30, the first batch of donated materials from Xiduo Group, 4000 pieces of Xiduo's secret collection of fresh stewed tremella and black sugar, red jujube and medlar porridge products, arrived at the charity society in Xiaonan district, Xiaogan city, Hubei province, and were urgently sent to all frontline battlefields in Hubei province. On January 31, the second batch of donated materials from Xiduo Group, 3000 pieces of vitality secrets, fresh stewed tremella and black sugar, red dates and medlar porridge products, were successfully delivered to Hubei Huanggang Civil Affairs Bureau. In addition, Xiduo Group does not forget to send love and care to Hubei compatriots stranded in Xiamen. On the afternoon of the 2nd, Xiduo joined hands with Hongshan Charity Association to visit the Xia Shang Yixiang Lake Hotel (Lake View Store) to express condolences to the tourists who stayed in Xiamen in Hubei Province, and sent 450 pieces of Xiduo's secret collection of vitality, such as fresh stewed tremella and eight-treasure porridge, so that compatriots can have no worries about food and clothing in a foreign land and feel the warmth of home. Xiduo said that the current epidemic, everyone is responsible, struggling in the front line of medical staff overload work, life and meal security and other issues, is the most concerned by the people, but also Xiduo's most concerned issues. As a national brand enterprise, Xiduoduo actively participates in the epidemic prevention and control love army, provides nutritional support for the staff in the epidemic area, contributes to the country, and makes every effort to provide material assistance for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Love does not stop, Xiduo Group will continue to donate additional materials to frontline posts in the epidemic area, send love materials to the retrograde people, warm heart to help heroes win this war without gunpowder smoke as soon as possible.


Jinjiang (Strait) Institute of Microbiology Donates 500Kg of Medical Alcohol to Jinjiang Hospital

On the afternoon of the 2nd, Jinjiang (Strait) Microbiology Research Institute, together with Jiyan Middle School's first 00 high 03 homecoming, sent 500 kilograms of medical alcohol to Jinjiang Hospital. On the same day, He Shuidong, the relevant person in charge of Jinjiang (Strait) Microbiology Research Institute, led the team members to send the materials to Jinjiang Hospital. He admitted that the Institute has been trying to do something to prevent the epidemic after learning that the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection is becoming more and more serious, "I also had concerns before I came, and came to the most sensitive place in Jinjiang when I should not go out. However, the hospital is the most scientific place to prevent and fight the epidemic, and we have to believe in science." He Shuidong said that ordinary people can stay at home, and many medical staff use the most professional methods to treat all patients in the most dangerous places, and they cannot go home for fear of affecting the health of their families. He also pays tribute to them and hopes to prevent the epidemic. Do more to fight. It is worth mentioning that, in order to deal with the new coronavirus epidemic, so that the enterprise production of disinfection or anti-bacterial products as soon as possible to market to control the epidemic to play a force, the Strait (Jinjiang) Institute of Microbiology Testing Center from February 15 began to accept samples, in the epidemic period free of charge to provide antibacterial performance testing, mold testing and food microbiological testing services.


Jinjiang Food Industry Association organized food members to donate money and materials for the epidemic area.

In recent days, the Jinjiang Food Industry Association has organized members and friends to actively carry forward the fine tradition of "caring enterprise", do their best to offer a love, and use our true feelings to tide over the difficulties with the people of the whole country. According to incomplete statistics, as of February 2, the caring member enterprises of Jinjiang Food Association have donated a total of more than 450000 yuan in cash, worth more than 22.3 million yuan in materials.


Qifeng Donates 221800 yuan to Actively Fight "Epidemic"

Qifeng (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd. donated 221800 yuan to fight and prevent the epidemic, including the purchase of urgently needed materials such as medical supplies, and to protect the work safety of front-line medical personnel. Qifeng will continue to pay attention to the progress of prevention and control work, and continue to provide more support and help to medical workers and the general public who are struggling on the front line.



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