Fengzhu Textile: Innovation is the Driving Force of Enterprise Development

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From weaving, dyeing, dyeing, clothing, sewage treatment plant to cotton spinning subsidiary... Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fengzhu Textile) not only has dabbled in, but also does everything well and well. Fengzhu textile is the largest professional knitting dyeing and finishing manufacturer and knitwear export production base in Fujian Province. It is a national circular economy pilot unit. In 2012, the company was listed as the third batch of "national innovative enterprises", the first national innovative enterprise in Quanzhou, and a veritable "science and technology giant". Behind such a strong scientific and technological strength, what kind of independent innovation story?

First of all, Fengzhu Company puts energy conservation and consumption reduction work through all aspects of production, and at the same time makes great efforts in the independent innovation of products, and these changes need scientific and technological innovation as the driving force.
In addition, Fengzhu Textile has also achieved remarkable results in clean production and improving environmental pollution. In 2006, the company's self-developed project "New Printing and Dyeing Technology and New Wastewater Reuse Technology" was listed as a major science and technology project in Fujian Province. In 2009, the project passed the appraisal and acceptance of the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department and reached the international advanced level. The annual economic benefit is 15.6356 million yuan, and the project has played a positive role in improving the ecological environment on the west side of the Haixi.
Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force of development. How does Fengzhu Textile condense this powerful scientific and technological force to make it play a huge production benefit?
As early as 2001, Fengzhu Textile Technology Center was established. In April 2006, the testing center under Fengzhu Technology Center passed the CNAS accreditation of China Laboratory Accreditation Committee and became the first laboratory in Fujian Province to carry out third-party textile testing business. Good technological innovation hardware facilities and enterprise development prospects have attracted a large number of ideal scientific and technological talents to gather here. Fengzhu Textile Technology Center has more than 10 professional middle and senior talents in management, dyeing and finishing, computer, environmental protection, etc., 19 senior engineers and master's degree or above, 257 R & D personnel, accounting for 13.1 of the total number of employees, and 595 personnel with college degree or above, accounting for 30.4 of the total number of employees. Since 2005, the company has invested more than 15 million yuan in R & D annually, providing a good infrastructure and financial guarantee for the construction of industry-university-research projects.

The R & D personnel of Fengzhu Textile combine the existing dyeing process and control process with the system to assess each production line, each working team and the main energy-consuming equipment in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of process optimization, rational use of energy, waste control, energy saving and emission reduction.





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