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From December 23 to 25, the 2020 annual meeting and approval meeting of knitwear and sportswear industry standards, sponsored by the national textile Standardization Technical Committee knitwear branch (hereinafter referred to as knitwear branch), the national sporting goods Standardization Technical Committee sportswear branch (hereinafter referred to as sportswear branch) and Tianfang standard testing and Certification Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, nearly 300 experts from major brand enterprises, testing institutions and colleges and universities attended the meeting.



The standards review meeting was held on the afternoon of the 24th and the morning of the 25th. The review meeting was divided into two groups to review 11 standards. At the scene, experts from major brand enterprises, testing institutions, and colleges and universities across the country had a heated discussion, and the participants put forward suggestions for revising the standard from many aspects and angles. Among the six standards approved in the second group, the national standard of "knitted finished cloth" drafted by Fengzhu textile has passed the examination and approval smoothly after being questioned, discussed, reviewed and revised by more than 100 experts from national textile production enterprises and third-party inspection and testing institutions.



It is reported that the national standard of "Knitted Finished Cloth" has been applied for revision since 2016. It will take 5-6 years to complete after approval, inclusion in the plan, issuance of the plan, completion of the standard preparation instructions, soliciting opinions, submission for review, on-site expert review, final draft and formal promulgation. Fengzhu Textile, as the leading drafting unit of the national standard of "Knitted Finished Cloth", successfully completed the drafting of the national standard of "Knitted Finished Cloth" in accordance with the requirements of the national standard revision plan.



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