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Today, the annual summit of the 2019 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference was held at the Wanda Vista Hotel in Quanzhou.


2019 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference continued to launch the "Top Ten Craftsman Spirit Enterprises (Units) of the Year" selection campaign. After months of registration, selection, display and fierce praise voting, the "Top Ten of the Year" list was announced today, and Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was on the 2019 Top Ten Craftsman Spirit Enterprises (Units) list.



Fengzhu Textile, which has focused on the knitting printing and dyeing industry for more than 30 years, has formed a comprehensive technology research and development platform with various forms of coexistence, such as independent research and development, external introduction, internal and external cooperation, industrial alliance, and combination of industry, university and research. it has become the first "nationally recognized enterprise technology center" in the knitting industry in the country ".


Adhering to the ingenious service and practicing the spirit of craftsmanship is not only the strong foundation of the vast number of enterprises and institutions, but also an important engine to promote the development of enterprises. Enterprises (units) regardless of size, "ingenuity" shining light. Through these ingenious and famous enterprises, people can feel the hardships and efforts of each enterprise (unit), as well as the admirable "craftsman spirit", that is, the unremitting pursuit of product quality and technical services, excellence, and never stop.

The release of the "Top Ten of the Year" is not only the approval of consumers for their pursuit of excellence, but also a self-expectation of the craftsman spirit of all walks of life, and it is also a manifestation of the craftsman spirit upheld by the government: let the craftsman spirit The internalization of Quanzhou's urban spirit has become an important support for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises and institutions, and an endogenous force driving the high-quality development of Quanzhou!



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