School-enterprise cooperation │ 2020 Graduation Ceremony of Fengzhu College

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Recently, the 2020 graduation ceremony of Fengzhu Textile Class of Quanzhou Textile and Garment College was held. 22 Fengzhu employees successfully completed 3 years of study and life. Wu Hua, Yang Jiancheng, Yu Hailin and Zhao Shijun were awarded outstanding students.



The reporter learned that this is the first full-time class of Fengzhu Textile and colleges and universities. Fengzhu employees overcome many difficulties, concentrate on learning, achieve the expected goal, and achieve good results. Many employees said that thanks to this opportunity for further study, they hope to make full use of the knowledge they have learned in the past three years to their work, strive to combine the actual situation of the unit and the actual situation of the post, and study hard and think well.



"Enterprise competition is the competition of talents. In today's society, people are the root of enterprise development. Whoever has the advantage of talents will have the advantage of development." Chen Clarification, chairman of Fengzhu, said that the cultivation of talent advantage depends on learning and training. Learning is the eternal theme of life, and learning ability is the core competitiveness of a person's success. Fengzhu hopes to guide employees to establish the concept of lifelong learning. Because of the development of society, the progress of science and technology, and the renewal of knowledge, we are required to learn, improve our self-cultivation, and constantly improve ourselves, so as to better serve the society.

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