Fengzhu Textile won the first trial in a three-month contract dispute case.

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In the enterprise workshop, 35 high-temperature ecological leveling machines worth tens of millions are placed. This is from May 2017 to May 2018, Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. successively purchased from Foshan Basuni Machinery Co., Ltd. The value of the equipment, why is idle? Staff, the equipment has a variety of problems, has affected the value of the dyeing machine and the use of results.



Prosecuted for 35 million-dollar dyeing machines Fengzhu Textile

"The cylinder head is not easy to close, and then relatively thin, relatively thin words, will produce these hook silk, and some may be high pressure and high temperature, this will burst out, will bounce out, there is a very serious safety hazard. 0101 inside the Teflon board, after high temperature // some are cracked, some are broken holes 0130 cause the cloth will stretch yarn, hook silk" dyeing and finishing factory director Chen Ruchu said. It is understood that Fengzhu Company and Basuni Company signed the six "Equipment Purchase and Sale Contracts" with a total price of 20.82 million yuan. Fengzhu Company has paid 90% of the total contract price according to the contract, with the remaining 2.077 million yuan as the warranty, to be paid after acceptance. Fengzhu Company pointed out that Basuni's dyeing machine did not meet the agreed quality requirements and did not solve the quality problem in time during the quality assurance period.


Equipment warranty fund leads to dispute, both parties face to face

"We immediately fed back to Basuni via WeChat, phone, and letter, asking Basuni to rectify and repair the quality problems that existed in the dyeing machine itself. But to date, Basuni has not rectified to the contractually agreed acceptance criteria." Procurement department director Chen Fucai said. As it did not receive the equipment warranty, Basuni filed a lawsuit with the Jinjiang Municipal People's Court in October 2020 on the grounds that the contract warranty period had expired and the payment terms had been fulfilled, demanding the company to pay the remaining warranty of $2.077 million and interest losses.


Fengzhu Textile won the first trial in a three-month contract dispute case.

"The warranty is agreed in the contract between the two parties, after the equipment acceptance, within one year to be paid, in the course of litigation, Fengzhu company put forward two defense points, the first involved in the equipment without the acceptance of both parties, the related equipment quality problems have not been/rectification to the standard agreed in the contract. 0038 the warranty period has not yet started, Basuni's prosecution content does not conform to the objective facts." Mr. Liu, the legal adviser, said. The case was heard twice by the court, and after three months, the first-instance judgment was finally made: Fengzhu Company paid 373000 yuan and interest losses to Basuni Company after the judgment came into effect; other claims of Basuni Company were rejected.


"There are many quality problems in the equipment so far, and Fengzhu Company has repeatedly fed back these problems to Basouni by letter. However, after Basouni Company received the letter, its refusal to perform the 0107 has violated the original intention of both parties to set up a quality guarantee fund. Now Fengzhu Company requires Basouni Company to continue to perform the rectification obligation of the contract, otherwise Fengzhu Company will investigate Basouni Company for breach of contract." Fengzhu Company said that it will continue to actively adopt various legal channels to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company.





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