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Introduction: as a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, the company always relies on product innovation and technological innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and realizes deep transformation and upgrading through green intelligent manufacturing. In the fierce market competition, the company has handed over a brilliant answer sheet with practical actions. A few days ago, after being reviewed by the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the company was awarded the title of key enterprises in Fujian Province to increase production and increase efficiency in 2020 and the first batch of "Internet Advanced Manufacturing" key projects in Fujian Province. This is the full affirmation and recognition of the company's ingenuity over the years, and also laid a solid foundation for the company's future development.



It is reported that our province has issued the "Action Plan for the Implementation of the" Hundred Thousand "Production Increase and Efficiency Increase in the One, Two and Three Industries" clearly proposes the implementation of "more than one hundred agricultural characteristic industries and enterprises" to increase production and efficiency, and "more than a thousand manufacturing industries and enterprises." Construction enterprises "increase production and efficiency action," more than a thousand service industry key industries and enterprises "increase production and efficiency action key tasks and work measures, we will further support the promotion of industries with advantageous characteristics and enterprises with full production and over-production, lead the development of upstream and downstream industries, cultivate new kinetic energy for development, and achieve double victory in epidemic prevention and control and economic development.


Science and technology as the guide-to create a benchmark for digital transformation.

Since its establishment, under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors, the company has always adhered to the development concept of "science and technology as the forerunner", adhered to the industry, focused on the main business, dared to struggle and innovate, and achieved the ultimate in quality and brand with ingenuity. The development path of independent innovation and green intelligent manufacturing will create a new benchmark for the digital transformation of China's printing and dyeing industry!



The company has participated in the formulation of national industry standards for many times, and has undertaken a number of environmental protection and energy-saving projects in the country and Fujian Province. It has now won 13 scientific and technological progress awards, and 14 scientific and technological achievements have reached the domestic and international advanced level. National industry standards, 101 patents have been applied for, and 39 authorized patents have been obtained by 2019. In December 2019, the company's "high-end apparel fabric intelligent manufacturing new model workshop construction project" was awarded the title of the first batch of "Internet advanced manufacturing" key projects in Fujian Province.

With its unique advantages, strong foundation and innovative vitality, the company has been selected as the third batch of green design product publicity enterprises in Fujian Province in 2020. The company's many honors are not only the recognition and encouragement of all sectors of society, but also the driving force for the company to move forward.


From "Intelligent Manufacturing" to "Smart Factory" -- Deep Transformation and Upgrading

The 2020 government work report proposes to focus on transformation and promote high-quality development of the real economy. As a leading enterprise in the dyeing and finishing industry in Fujian Province, the first phase of the company's Anton new factory has recently completed and entered the stage of equipment installation and commissioning. The investment of high-tech and new equipment will set up a new benchmark for green environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing for the dyeing and finishing industry and help enterprises transform and upgrade.



Anton's new factory follows the concept of green environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing. The whole project has invested more than 20 technological transformation projects in terms of intelligence. Among them, it has cooperated with Shanghai University of Science and Technology Intelligent Company to invest more than 3000 million yuan to build the country's first intelligent storage system for knitted fabrics. Anton's new plant is built in strict accordance with the green building standards and introduces green manufacturing facilities and equipment, which can realize clean production, low-carbon energy, pollution reduction, waste recycling and green products. The project was rated as the first industrial green construction "Samsung" project in Fujian Province, and was shortlisted for the fourth batch of "green factories" of the Ministry of industry and information technology ". The biggest highlight of Anton branch in intelligent production is that the three-dimensional intelligent warehouse built with the production workshop realizes the automation and intelligence of the entire logistics, which can improve the high efficiency and accuracy of the entire later warehousing and logistics data. Enterprises will also gradually embark on a new path of development from "high speed" to "high quality.


Anti-epidemic love to fulfill the responsibility-to increase production and efficiency to spread good news.

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Do not forget your initiative mind, keeping in mind its mission, actively responded to the government's call, responded scientifically, resumed work and production in an orderly manner, and donated love. It is understood that during the epidemic period, the company's science and technology co., ltd. donated 1 million yuan to Huoshen Mountain Hospital through Jinjiang Red Cross Society for epidemic prevention and control, contributing to the fight against the epidemic and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. A few days ago, the company resumed work and resumed production again, won the 2020 Fujian Province to increase production efficiency manufacturing key support enterprises.



In the future, the company will take the opportunity of being awarded the key support enterprises of Fujian Province to increase production and increase efficiency manufacturing industry in 2020 and the first batch of "Internet advanced manufacturing industry" key projects in Fujian Province. At the same time, adhering to the concept of industrial transformation and upgrading in the new era, the company will accelerate innovation and upgrading, build a modern new printing and dyeing factory by using intelligent and green technology, and raise the traditional printing and dyeing industry to a new benchmark in China! Leading the upstream and downstream linkage development of the industry, and contributing to the overall realization of epidemic prevention and control and economic development.





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