Re-creation of brilliant Fengzhu Textile: Successfully approved 2021 Fujian Province Industrial Leading Cultivation Enterprise.

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2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The China Consumers Association issued the annual theme goal of "Guarding Safety and Smooth Consumption" to provide strong support for my country's new development stage. The company has always been customer-centric, depending on quality as life, in the face of the impact of the epidemic, the company quickly respond to market changes, keep the main business expansion category, revenue growth year-on-year, to achieve counter-trend development. A few days ago, the company reported another good news and was successfully approved as the first batch of leading industrial cultivation enterprises in Fujian Province in 2021, fully demonstrating the company's strong brand strength and the beautiful demeanor of the enterprise.



It is reported that the leading industrial enterprises in Fujian Province are key backbone enterprises with large scale, strong strength and obvious industrial driving role in relevant industries in Fujian Province. The announcement of the list of existing industrial leading enterprises in Fujian Province aims to promote leading enterprises, strengthen innovation and research and development, implement mergers and acquisitions, expand advanced production capacity, accelerate transformation and upgrading, improve brand quality, and drive the construction of the industrial chain. By 2025, we will create more Competitive high-tech, high-growth, high-value-added world-class large enterprise groups.



The company upholds ingenuity and focuses on the main business for more than 30 years. It has taken the lead in the industry to pass the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and has obtained the international ecological textile Oeko Tex Standard100 certification for products to enter the EU market, breaking through the environmental barriers set by developed countries. On August 18, 2020, the Ninth National Printing and Dyeing Industry Management Innovation Annual Conference of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association was held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. According to the comprehensive evaluation of enterprise scale, economic benefits, social responsibility, innovation ability, energy conservation and environmental protection, and following the principle of fairness and justice, the company won the "Top 30 Enterprises in China's Printing and Dyeing Industry" for the fifth consecutive year "!


Won the China Knitted Underwear Innovation Contribution Award

The company takes green development as the transformation concept, and has achieved fruitful results in technology research and development, talent cultivation, green production, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and has realized the transformation and development of the traditional printing and dyeing industry to modernization. The company's new factory mainly produces high-end knitted printing and dyeing fabrics. Through the research and development of new products and new designs, the company continues to give products new functions and new connotations to meet the broader and diverse needs of consumers and achieve good market effects. In 2020, at the "Textile Light" annual event of the China Textile Federation, the company's "Hemp Blended Knitted Fabric Development Key Technology and Industrialization" project was awarded the "Knitted Underwear Innovation Contribution Award" by the China Textile Industry Federation ".



It is understood that hemp fiber has the functions of good moisture absorption and breathability, fast heat dissipation and moisture dissipation, good drape, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet, soft and smooth without itch, and is known as the "second skin of the human body. The company cooperates with the Textile College of Donghua University to jointly develop hemp blended knitted fabrics with excellent antibacterial properties, moisture absorption and breathability, softness and comfort, and healthy ecology, and promote industrial hemp knitted fabrics in the civilian market. The fabric uses cotton, viscose, hemp blended yarn as raw material, cleverly combines the characteristics of three kinds of fibers, has a natural and simple hemp fabric appearance style, wearing comfortable, soft, beautiful and generous performance, especially suitable for intimate underwear clothing fabric selection. Through the research on the key technology of dyeing process, the company determines the dyeing process by comparing the influence of dyeing temperature, time and heating rate on the dyeing rate and levelness, and maximizes the essential characteristics of cotton, viscose and hemp, so as to achieve the design requirements of "return to nature and return to nature.



At present, the company has achieved mass order production, and the fabric design can be widely used in indoor, outdoor and children, middle-aged and elderly underwear, leisure, sports and health care and other clothing fabrics, and has brought economic benefits for two consecutive years. In addition, the cotton/viscose/hemp fiber blended fabric developed by this project can replace some high-end underwear knitted fabrics, and at the same time solve the problem that the price of high-end underwear fabrics is high and ordinary consumers cannot afford it, so that more people can enjoy high-end fabrics. Comfort, functionality and health. It is of positive significance to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's textile industry and promote social and economic development.


Anton New Factory-New Benchmark of Domestic Intelligent Printing and Dyeing

It is worth mentioning that Anton's new factory, as the first national textile industry, has passed the "three-star" green industrial building certification, with a total area of 165 mu, a total construction area of 160000 square meters and a total investment of 0.85 billion yuan. It mainly produces high-end knitted printing and dyeing fabrics, and creatively creates a brand-new benchmark enterprise with modern functions. Intelligent manufacturing is a major feature of Anton's new factory. There are 15 production automation and information construction projects including customized application of ERP system. The whole production process is connected in series through intelligent robots. Through the operation of manipulators, it not only reduces the labor intensity of manual handling, but also can notify the high-precision code scanning system at the front and back ends to control the data of incoming and outgoing materials. After the introduction of the central control automation control system in Anton New Factory, the dyeing machine and automatic feeding system have been connected to each other, making the whole printing and dyeing process more "intelligent". This is also the first national textile industry to realize the production line linkage automatic storage and logistics system as a whole.



In addition to "intelligent", "green" is also another important feature of the company's new plant. In the sewage treatment plant, the sewage treatment facilities such as oxidation tank, secondary sedimentation tank and reclaimed water workshop have completed all the process installation and entered the system joint adjustment stage, and the sewage treatment index is better than the domestic discharge standard. In the biochemical part of this system, COD can be treated to the national standard of grade 1 a for urban sewage, that is, COD lower than 50 mg/l. at the same time, a two-stage reverse osmosis reclaimed water reuse system is equipped at the end, and the reuse rate of the whole sewage can reach more than 50%. Waste gas waste heat recovery, solar photovoltaic power generation, so that the factory production process more "green". At present, the company's Anton new factory is the first project in the national textile industry and Fujian Province to pass the "three-star" green industrial building certification. Glory has been selected into the fourth batch of "green factories" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the fifth batch of "green design products" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first batch of "green factories" by the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the third batch of "green design products" list by the Fujian Province.



In the future, the company will take the opportunity of the first batch of leading industrial cultivation enterprises in Fujian Province in 2021, based on the main business of knitting printing and dyeing, ingeniously create high-quality fabric products, continue to uphold the concept of industrial transformation and upgrading in the new era, steadily develop towards intelligent, green and high-end manufacturing, accelerate innovation and upgrading, and use intelligent and green technology to build a modern new printing and dyeing factory, Promote the traditional printing and dyeing industry to a new height, be a good industry "leader" and "vanguard", and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of China's printing and dyeing industry.





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