Matters related to the contract dispute between Fengzhu and Basuni

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On June 29, 2021, the judge of Quanzhou Intermediate People's Court ruled that Fengzhu Company should pay the warranty on the grounds that the paid acceptance payment was deemed to be of qualified equipment quality. After the announcement of Fengzhu Company, people from all walks of life, enterprises, news media, legal experts, etc. paid great attention to the case, consulting the specific process of the judgment, the quality problems of the equipment and the matters needing attention in the process of purchasing the equipment. Fengzhu Company recommends the following:


1. the most important point for enterprises that purchase Basuni equipment, the contract terms, material requirements, spare parts quality, energy consumption, acceptance items, acceptance methods, quality assurance, payment regulations, liability for breach of contract and other aspects should be strictly formulated and checked by lawyers.

2., especially in the equipment trial operation and acceptance stage, the acceptance team must be selected and the second review and acceptance should be carried out.


3., if quality problems are found during the acceptance phase, a letter will be sent immediately requesting rectification, and the acceptance payment will not be paid until all rectification is completed. The acceptance payment cannot be paid first because of Basuni's various verbal promises, otherwise Fengzhu Company will make the mistake of paying the acceptance payment first because of Basuni's various verbal promises to help Basuni's financial difficulties.


4., if colleagues need to further understand the relevant situation of the case, they can contact our company by telephone, written or email, WeChat, etc., and our company will reply truthfully without reservation.


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August 9, 2021



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