Great Power Craftsman: Thirty Years of Enterprise Development and Twenty Years of Think Tank Observation

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-"Jinjiang experience" and "Chinese wisdom" Fengzhu silhouette


Xi Jinping's ten thousand-word long article "Study and learn from Jinjiang's experience and accelerate the construction of three strategic channels-investigation and thinking on the sustained and rapid development of Jinjiang's economy" published in Fujian Daily on October 4, 2002, which aims to summarize and refine "Jinjiang's experience", describes an enterprise with nearly a hundred words: "Fengzhu Company is already in a situation of" embattled on all sides "in the textile industry ', every year, more than 2000 million yuan is invested in technological transformation and expansion of production scale, so that the enterprise has developed into the largest knitting bleaching and dyeing factory and an important knitwear export production base in the province." In the past 20 years, what has happened to the enterprise that made Xi Jinping so "graciously praise"? What is the secret behind the development of this enterprise? As an independent think tank scholar, I was a witness to Xi Jinping's visit to Fengzhu Company in June 2000, and I have 20 years of think tank observation on "Jinjiang Experience" and "Fengzhu Company. "One leaf knows autumn", hoping to "dissect the sparrow", take this enterprise as a case, to analyze the success of "Jinjiang experience" and explore the future road of "intelligent manufacturing in China.



The rise of great powers requires great craftsmen. On November 24, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when attending the "National Model Workers and Advanced Workers Commendation Conference": "We must vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, and the spirit of craftsmen."

Carry forward the "craftsman spirit", to tell the "craftsman story". This article is a "craftsman's story" of an enterprise's 30 years of "ingenuity" and "right position" ...... "A drop of water to see the sea, a grain of sand to see the world", this story involves an enterprise's past, present and future, reflecting the fundamental principles of enterprise survival, development and sustainability, reflecting the rise and fall of the enterprise community, reflecting the future picture of Chinese manufacturing.

Let the curtain of time slowly pull back to more than 20 years ago......


Twenty years ago, Fengzhu Company was a "lengthened lens" in the "Jinjiang Experience"


It was a period of youth, burning passion years. Twenty-three years ago, the author, who was only in his 20 s, went to Fujian to investigate the relationship between the government and the market as an interviewer of provincial leaders. At that time, he focused on two companies in southern Fujian-Fengzhu Company and Hengan Group. In February 1998, the author had a dialogue with He Lifeng, then mayor of Quanzhou City, on the relationship between the government and the market. On March 8, 1998, the author published "Finding the Market Position of the Government-Interview with He Lifeng, deputy to the Ninth National People's Congress and secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee". In October 1998, the author had a dialogue with He Guoqiang, then governor of Fujian Province, on issues related to the cross-strait strategy and provincial economic positioning, deducing the story of spring-an interview with he guoqiang, governor of fujian province.


After more than two years of in-depth observation, the author created "The Modern Transformation of the Cultural Paradigm of Private Enterprises in Southern Fujian-A Case Study of Fengzhu Culture" during the National Two Sessions in 2000. The article was first published in the "China Reform News" on March 14, 2000. The special issue of the two sessions has received great attention from the then Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee Chen Mingyi and the then Governor of Fujian Province Xi Jinping, the two went to Jinjiang on June 7, 2000 and June 27, 2000 respectively, and held a special symposium on the development of private enterprises and non-public party building in Fengzhu Company. The author was fortunate to accompany the whole process (Chen Mingyi's on-site inscription: "Make greater contributions to social progress, inscribed Fujian Fengzhu Group"). Looking back on the past, as a participant in the Jinjiang experience survey and a researcher in the Fengzhu case, it is amazing to travel through the time and space tunnel of more than 20 years. Xi Jinping made a special trip to Jinjiang City, Fujian Province for many times before and after this (from 1996 to 2002, Xi Jinping went to Jinjiang City seven times, went to enterprises, entered communities, visited rural areas, and went to the grass-roots level). On October 4, 2002, he published a long article in Fujian Daily, "studying and learning from Jinjiang experience to speed up the construction of three strategic channels -- investigation and thinking on the sustained and rapid development of Jinjiang economy." summarize and refine the "six always adhere to" and "handle the five relations" of "Jinjiang experience"; In addition, Fengzhu Company was mentioned in nearly 100 words in its 10,000-character long article Secondary specialized school (in the article "Enlightenment 3: Always Persist in winning in tenacious struggle", it is clearly stated: For example, Jinjiang Fengzhu Company is already in a situation of "besieged on all sides" in the textile industry and is not afraid of "sunset", every year, more than 2000 million yuan is invested in technological transformation and expansion of production scale, so that the enterprise has developed into the largest knitting bleaching and dyeing factory and an important knitwear export production base in the province. It is with this indomitable fighting spirit that the people of Jinjiang have developed traditional industries such as textile and clothing, ceramic building materials, shoemaking and food into the pillar industries of Jinjiang, integrating the titles of "China's shoe capital", "national food industry strong city", national ceramic building materials and toy production base, and the market share of a variety of products ranks first in China).


In other words, Xi Jinping's ten thousand-word long article on "Jinjiang Experience" gave Fengzhu Company the only "lengthened lens" of nearly a hundred words on the description of specific enterprises ". This is Xi Jinping's full affirmation of Fengzhu Company after his visit to Fengzhu Company. The ability of Fengzhu Company to leave the deepest impression on Xi Jinping among many Jinjiang enterprises shows its typicality in the "Jinjiang experience.

Our question is: according to the public data, the average life span of China's small and medium-sized enterprises is only 2.5 years, and that of Chinese group enterprises is only 7 to 8 years. Nearly 20 years have passed. How is the enterprise?



Twenty years later, Fengzhu Company is still the industry benchmark and industry model.


How is Fengzhu Company now? These pieces of news can explain the problem very well, "Take on the strength! Fengzhu Textile was rated as the 'Top 30 Printing and Dyeing Enterprises in China in 2021 '" Creating Brilliance Again, Fengzhu Textile: Successfully Approved the First Batch of Leading Industrial Cultivation Enterprises in Fujian Province in 2021' ".


In December 2020, the national standard of "Knitted Finished Cloth" drafted by Fengzhu Company was successfully approved.

In order to promote the digital upgrading of the textile industry, Fengzhu Company has carried out overall planning with high starting point, high standards and high requirements, invested 0.85 billion yuan to build an Anton new factory, and introduced 25 intelligent and green high-end technologies and equipment. "Intelligent Manufacturing -15 Production Automation and Information Construction Projects" include: customized application of ERP system, application of design and formula management system, automatic liquid dispensing system in laboratory, automatic supply system of setting machine auxiliaries, automatic metering and conveying system of dye auxiliaries, centralized control system of dyeing process, automatic control system of air compressor, automatic packaging weighing and sorting system, automatic storage and logistics system, automatic collection system of energy consumption, barcode data collection system of production process, real-time information release system of workshop, and centralized monitoring of information visualization of all subsystems in the whole factory platform, centralized monitoring system for fire control facilities in the plant area, and production safety monitoring system in the plant area. "Green Manufacturing -10 Green Environmental Protection Construction Projects" include green building Samsung workshop, BIM 3D simulation design, workshop ventilation and natural lighting design, solar photovoltaic power generation facilities, sewage treatment automatic dosing control system, setting machine waste gas treatment equipment and centralized monitoring system, waste gas waste heat recovery control system, waste water waste heat recovery control system, steam cascade energy utilization control system, reverse osmosis reclaimed water reuse control system.


Fengzhu textile Anton new factory intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing main highlights are as follows:

Three-star green industrial building: planning and design according to the national "Green Industrial Building Evaluation Standard"; using BIM three-dimensional simulation technology to carry out three-dimensional simulation of the whole process of plant construction, to achieve the integration of construction and design; Fujian Province is the first to achieve three-star green industrial building as a whole, and the national printing and dyeing industry is the first to achieve three-star green industrial building;

Intelligent energy management system: the whole plant area realizes the automatic collection, analysis, management and application of water, electricity, steam and compressed air data of public works and production systems, and realizes the digital management of energy. Realize the recovery and utilization of system-wide thermal energy such as production system, sewage thermal energy, flue gas thermal energy, air compressor thermal energy, steam waste heat, etc. Solar photovoltaic coverage rate on the roof of the plant reaches 80%;

Intelligent logistics system: entrust HKUST, a well-known automation integration company in China, to design and build an intelligent storage system; From material warehousing to finished product warehousing, automatic sorting, sub-packaging, unmanned forklift and automatic packaging system to realize unmanned automatic management of the whole system; To become the first three-dimensional intelligent storage system in the national printing and dyeing industry to realize production line linkage;

Intelligent dyeing central control system: the use of intelligent production equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced professional intelligent color formula management system, automatic scheduling system, automatic feeding system and central control automation system, in order to achieve the goal of dyeing through train to lay the foundation;

Sewage treatment system: The sewage treatment system of Anton New Plant has introduced intelligent microporous aeration system, automatic backwashing quicksand filtration system, automatic dosing control system, energy-saving maglev blower system, online central control management system, biological deodorization system and double membrane method reclaimed water reuse and other advanced process equipment, which effectively improves the effect of sewage treatment and reduces the treatment cost. The sewage treatment index is better than the national discharge standard in an all-round way, reclaimed water reuse rate reached more than 50%. In short, Fengzhu Company will realize the transformation from traditional management to digital, intelligent and green management, reach the advanced level of the industry in the overall equipment technology, and build an intelligent and green digital factory in the textile printing and dyeing industry.

It is worth mentioning that Chen Qingqing, the founder of Fengzhu Company, was in his 70 s when he made the decision of 0.85 billion yuan to build a new factory. "We have been doing dyeing and finishing for more than 30 years and have reached a high level. We want to do it better and set a benchmark for our industry." "We must respond to the call of the state and enterprises must take responsibility," Chen Clarification said.


In the future, traditional manufacturing will be transformed into advanced manufacturing. On January 3, 2020, when the executive meeting of the State Council determined measures to promote the steady growth of the manufacturing industry, it proposed to "vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, introduce new infrastructure investment support policies such as information networks, and promote intelligent and green manufacturing". Fengzhu Andong new factory mainly focuses on "green manufacturing" and "intelligent manufacturing", which is an exploration and innovation of advanced manufacturing industry. Fengzhu Andong New Factory integrates the great achievements of Fengzhu industry experience for more than 30 years, responding to the call of the country's "digital economy" and "low-carbon environmental protection". It is the product of Fengzhu Company's "self-improvement" and "self-revolution". The substantial leap from "qualitative change" is the magnificent transformation from "traditional manufacturing" to "advanced manufacturing", and is expected to become a benchmark for the industrial upgrading of the national textile industry.


With the design goal of "building a national benchmarking printing and dyeing factory", more than 30 years of industry experience, 30 draft plan design, 0.85 billion yuan investment, correct grasp of the direction of "green manufacturing" and "intelligent manufacturing", responsibility for made in China, lifelong masterpieces and inherited gifts, we have reason to believe that Fengzhu Andong New Factory is a "tenable" boutique.

In June 2021, sponsored by the Green Manufacturing Professional Committee of the China Industrial Cooperation Association and undertaken by Fengzhu Company, the launching meeting of the group standard of "Green Factory Evaluation Standard for Printing and Dyeing Industry" was held in Jinjiang. Fengzhu Company, as the main drafting unit of the standard, will promote the industry to achieve green transformation and upgrading.

20 years later, Fengzhu is still the industry benchmark, industry model!


The Mystery of Phoenix Bamboo: Why 30 Years of Phoenix Bamboo Can


At that time, under Xi Jinping's pen, Fengzhu continued to carry out technological transformation in the textile industry under the circumstances of "besieged on all sides" and "under the sunset". Today, Fengzhu still "does not change its original intention" and "goes against the current" even though the textile industry is "making a small profit" and many manufacturers have begun to withdraw. It spent 0.85 billion yuan to invest in Anton's new factory, which is green and intelligent.

Through Anton's new factory, perhaps we can give Fengzhu the two laurels of "retrograde in textile industry" and "intelligent iron army in dyeing and finishing industry. The name of Fengzhu Company is quite meaningful. "Phoenix" is a divine bird, "bamboo" is one of the "four gentlemen", "Phoenix" is "dazzling", "luxurious and unparalleled", "bamboo", "elegant and vulgar", "indifferent to the festival", "Phoenix" and "bamboo" are connected. It naturally has a "gentleman" character of "king's style" and "outstanding independence. Fengzhu Company's quality of "going straight" and "daring to take responsibility" is worthy of its gorgeous and elegant name.


Streamer is easy to throw people. Red cherry, green plantain. Unconsciously, Fengzhu Company has been established for 34 years. Chen Clarification, founder of Fengzhu Company, general manager of Fengzhu Textile, has gone from being in his prime to having white hair and hair. The two curved longevity eyebrows have added some kindness to his resolute face. Founded in 1987, Fengzhu Textile was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2004, becoming the first listed company on the main board in Jinjiang City at that time. The dyeing and finishing industry that Fengzhu Company is mainly engaged in is one of the key links of textile and clothing, and it is a technology-intensive, capital-intensive and labor-intensive industry.

Yesterday's Fengzhu Company was a "lengthened lens" of "Jinjiang Experience" in Xi Jinping's eyes. Today's Fengzhu Company is still a benchmark and model in the industry, and has lived up to Xi Jinping's original praise and love. Tomorrow's Fengzhu Company is also "promising".


Why can Fengzhu Company?

As a witness to Xi Jinping's investigation and research in Fengzhu Company 20 years ago, as a follow-up researcher of "Jinjiang Experience" and "Fengzhu Company" for 20 years, the author will give you an answer from the vision of independent think tank scholars.

The secret is that General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the two sessions in 2019 that "it is real and has no distractions to do industry".


Ingenuity Fengzhu. Speaking of "ingenuity Fengzhu", we have to clarify from Chen, who is known as "the pioneer cow of Bamin. Although the old man is over the age, he is still thinking clearly, energetic and full of energy. When I see Chen Chengqing, I will think of a Japanese word-"life hanging". In the Japanese context, this word has the meaning of focusing one's life on one thing and one thing. Put your life in one place, spend your time and energy on one thing and do it all your life. One hundred percent into it, full attention, painstaking effort, focused on it. This is a lifetime of life.


This is a lonely and resolute figure. In this noisy and impetuous era, focusing on industry used to be a "very silly" thing. Because the profit of textile printing and dyeing industry is not high, it is far better to make money quickly than to do real estate and finance. When everyone is in full swing and where there is money to make, a person who bows to industry and focuses on details looks so unsociable and even suspected of being "out of date. However, when the glitz dissipated and the opportunists had finished the trilogy of "rising tall buildings, feasting guests and collapsing buildings", the lonely figure still stood there like a big tree, covering the society with a green shade, but it looked so precious.

Chen Qingqing said in an interview: "Although the textile industry is not an industry that makes big money and quick money, it is difficult to do it well. It requires high investment and high technology. We have paid the price for this for 30 years. Do it better. What people pursue is not necessarily wealth. Assuming that we can do a thing well, it is a very great achievement in itself. I think that doing a thing, a product, and an enterprise well is one of the basic manifestations of not forgetting one's roots. As long as you don't forget your roots, you can succeed." On March 10, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberations of the Fujian delegation to the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress, saying, "Doing business and doing business is not just a matter of making a few dollars. It's the duty to be real and concentrate on doing business." Fengzhu Company is a model of "sticking to one's duty" and "doing industry without distractions" as General Secretary Xi Jinping said. Chen clarified: "I focus on the textile industry, strive to do a good job in environmental protection, start intelligent transformation, and never want to do the so-called diversified operation with quick money." "I'm over 70 years old, and I don't feel tired at work. Now that I'm a business, I feel a sense of excitement when I encounter problems." Chen Qingqing still maintains the working habit of arriving at the company at 9 o'clock in the morning and leaving work at 8 o'clock in the evening. He is often too busy to even have time to walk around as soon as he sits down at the company. "For him, work is a way of life," his son said. "For Dad, work is a pleasure," his daughter said. "Chen always reads documents when he gets up in the middle of the night," said his subordinates. "I am an old cow that keeps pulling and grinding around Fengzhu," he once jokingly called himself.

Chen clarified that he was immersed in it and enjoyed it. Work is his life, his fun, and even his "pursuit of art" entertainment. This "human and professional unity", extremely focused immersion state has brought him extraordinary inspiration and lasting success, this is the power of "ingenuity.


Innovative Fengzhu. In 1989, Fengzhu Company cooperated with China Textile Research Institute to form a "scientific research and production consortium" to build a bleaching and dyeing production line. In 1991, Fengzhu Company formulated the development strategy of "taking science and technology as the guide and comprehensively improving the overall quality of the enterprise", actively committed to technological innovation of the enterprise, and then began to invest more than 2000 million yuan per year for technological transformation. In 2005, Fengzhu Company started the ERP project and became the first enterprise in the national textile industry to adopt German SAP software. From 2006 to 2021, Fengzhu Company has always attached importance to technological innovation and has been recognized: national enterprise technology center (the first in the national knitting industry), cotton knitted fabric development base, national technological innovation engineering innovation enterprise, national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, China knitting industry excellent laboratory, textile technology innovation demonstration enterprise, China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate, etc. Fengzhu Company took the lead in passing the Oeko-TexStandard100I international ecological textile certification in the industry in 2001. This standard is the most authoritative and influential textile ecological standard in the world. It requires "no harm to the skin of infants and young children", breaking through the developed countries. The technical barriers of exporting ecological textiles provide high-quality fabrics that meet international textile ecological standards for children's clothing world brands.

Up to now, Fengzhu Company has presided over the drafting of 7 national, industry, and group standards, and participated in the drafting of 43 national, industry, local and group standards; won 1 second prize for national scientific and technological progress, 5 second prizes for provincial scientific and technological progress, and more than 20 municipal scientific and technological progress awards; obtained 52 valid patents authorized by national intellectual property rights, including 30 valid invention patents; undertook 2 national key projects, provincial and municipal key projects 9. Fengzhu Anton new factory is the latest achievement of Fengzhu company to adhere to innovation. Chen clarified: "now that the hardware investment in Anton's new factory is basically in place, I will spend another year or two to take Fengzhu to a new level in software such as modernization of corporate governance, digitalization of production management, and automation of energy management."


ecological phoenix bamboo. Fengzhu Company is also an environmental pioneer in the polluting industry. As early as 1989, Fengzhu Company invested in the first environmental protection equipment worth more than 500,000 yuan while investing in the construction of a bleaching and dyeing production line, and earnestly and practically implemented the construction of the environmental protection "three simultaneous" system, and achieved environmental protection facilities and The main project is designed, constructed and put into production at the same time. During this period, a large-scale sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 25000 tons was built after five phases of bid upgrading and renovation projects. From 2010 to 2020, the average COD index was 31.62mg/L, the minimum was 30.26mg/L, and the maximum was 33.63mg/L. The treatment level reached and exceeded the national standard. The total sewage treatment cost of Fengzhu Andong New Plant is expected to be 4 yuan/ton. For more than 30 years, Fengzhu Company has been at the leading level in the country in terms of emission standards and treatment costs. Once a leader went to Fengzhu Company to investigate. He asked Chen to clarify: "Fengzhu is a dyeing and finishing factory, which belongs to a polluting industry, but your company is located in the city center. How can you survive?" "Environmental protection can't be faked, because the water goes out first-class and people can see it. Why Fengzhu can survive in the city center for more than 30 years is because we have invested a lot of financial resources, manpower and material resources in environmental protection. Our environmental protection indicators are very beautiful." Chen clarified proudly.

It is precisely because of the insistence on environmental protection that Fengzhu Company has opened up a new business from the treatment of the company's sewage to the treatment of urban sewage. Fujian Fengzhu Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, construction and operation of urban sewage comprehensive treatment and environmental protection engineering. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has been rated as the advanced enterprise of major pollutant emission reduction in Fujian Province, the advanced collective of urban sewage and garbage treatment in Fujian Province during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and the advanced unit of drainage and sewage treatment in Fujian Province during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan. The company invested in the construction of Jinjiang Xianshi Sewage Treatment Plant by BOT. The long-term planned processing scale of the project is 300000 tons/day, the current processing capacity is 150000 tons/day, the service area is about 80 square kilometers, and nearly 1 million people are served. In order to popularize environmental protection, Fengzhu Environmental Protection also invested more than 300 million yuan to build a 250-square-meter "Environmental Protection Public Welfare Pavilion", which is open to the public free of charge.


"If you grind it, you will become a jade." Chen Chengqing spent half his life carefully building Fengzhu Company as a work of art. This industry, which involves dozens of specialties and is "difficult to do well" in Chen Chengqing's eyes, is tied to his lifelong passion and dream. The "ecological consciousness" that Fengzhu Company has had since its birth is the foundation of Fengzhu Company. Anton's new factory has made Fengzhu Company stand at a new historical high point that is in tune with the times.

"Like learning from each other, like polishing like grinding", this kind of "craftsman spirit" of striving for perfection, meticulous craftsmanship, innovation and forge ahead, and benefiting the society has made Fengzhu Company "stable and far-reaching" and achieved today's achievements.


Jiangshan Generation of Talented People: Inheritance and Everbright of Fengzhu Spirit


Speaking of "the inheritance of Fengzhu spirit", Chen Qiang, chairman of Fengzhu Textile, the son of Chen Clarification, should appear. In 2012, Chen Qiang walked out of his father's wings and went to Xiamen alone. He founded Yongxing Dongrun Clothing Co., Ltd. (ROOKIE) from scratch. The company is a product design, procurement, sales, operation and brand planning business as one of the omni-channel international well-known children's clothing brand operators. The company is mainly engaged in the business of many internationally renowned children's clothing brands such as Nike, Jordan, Converse, Levi's and Hurley in Greater China. It adopts children's clothing integrated stores and children's clothing single-brand stores online and offline, bringing consumers a one-stop shopping experience with "sports, fashion and leisure" as its positioning. The company's vision is to become a leader in China's children's clothing industry. At present, the company has about 1400 employees, its sales network has covered more than 200 major cities in the country, and about 1100 sales stores. It has successively won honors such as "2018 China (Industry) Top Ten Innovative Brands", "2018 China's Top 100 Clothing Brands", "2018 China (Industry) Top Ten Innovative Brand Enterprises", "2019 Asia's Top Ten Credible Brands" and "2020 China's Top Ten Economic Leaders, at present, the company has become a headquarters enterprise in Xiamen, a three-high enterprise, a listed reserve enterprise, and a key contact retail enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce.

Chen Qiang could have easily sought refuge under the wings of his parents, but he chose to "fight the world from scratch", independently operate a new market, and achieved impressive performance, and successfully transformed into a "second generation". It was indeed "a tiger father has no son" and "the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead".

This is the inheritance and everbright of Fengzhu spirit. Under the leadership of such a "new successor" with entrepreneurial spirit, Fengzhu Company "has a promising future".

The Secret Behind: "Big Party Building" Is the "Red Engine" of Fengzhu's Development"

What makes Fengzhu stick? What makes Fengzhu struggle?

What is the secret behind it?


Nietzsche said: "He who knows why he lives can survive." This is true for a person as well as for a company. Corporate culture is the ultimate secret to why a company lives. The "big party building" is the "red engine" of Fengzhu's development ".

Entering the old factory of Fengzhu Company, a gilded slogan "Make more contributions to social progress" will first come into view. This is the simple expression of the founder's "initial heart and feelings. Chen Clarification, founder of Fengzhu Company, said: "when I was 17 years old, I passed by a very small temple. There was a horizontal criticism of the temple gate called 'Xinzheng wins Buddha'. These four words have been with me all my life". "Make more contributions to social progress" is the basis of industrial ethics and corporate ethics of Fengzhu Company.

The author believes that at the juncture of several developments of Fengzhu Company, facing the choice of "sticking to the main business" and "following the trend and chasing interests", this sentence should have echoed in the founder's mind more than once, as an ultimate value measure. And prompt him to make the right decision. Why so many years later, Fengzhu Company still stands at the forefront of the times, which is closely related to this sentence.


The organizational embodiment of "making more contributions to social progress" is "big party building". Fengzhu Company is the first non-public enterprise in Jinjiang City to establish a party committee, a disciplinary committee, and the first enterprise to establish a grassroots trade union, a women's work committee, and a group organization such as the Communist Youth League, the militia, and the Association for Science and Technology. One. A party group was established in 1991, a party branch, trade union and militia emergency unit was established in 1992, the People's Armed Forces Department was established in 1998 (currently active), a party committee was established in 2001, and a disciplinary committee and party school were established in 2008. Fengzhu Company has formed a pattern with the party organization as the core of leadership and group organizations supporting each other, he has been awarded "National Excellent Enterprise for Ideological and Political Work" (1995), "National Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization" (1996), "National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee" (2002), "National May 1st Labor Certificate" (2004), "National Advanced Enterprise for Re-employment" (2004), "National Civilized Unit" (2005), "National Model Workers' Home" (2005), "National Worker Pioneer" (in 2014), "National Demonstration Unit for Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs" (2007, 2021) and other titles. The vanguard and exemplary role of the party working group has made great contributions to the stable development of enterprises.

It can be said that Fengzhu Company is a typical enterprise party building that Xi Jinping personally grasped when he was governor of Fujian Province.


June 27, 2000 was an unforgettable day for Chen Qingqing. On this day, Xi Jinping, then governor of Fujian Province, went to Fengzhu Company to investigate the development of private enterprises and non-public party building in Jinjiang. Chen Chengqing recalled the scene at the time: "At that time, I was in my 50 s and Xi Jinping was in his 40 s. He was a young and handsome leader." Chen Chengqing clearly remembered that Xi Jinping shook hands with him as soon as he got out of the car. "The first impression was that his hands were very soft and big". Chen Clarification led Xi Jinping and his party to see the workshop first, introduced the equipment and products to him, and then came to the laboratory. During that time, there were many leaders who went to Fengzhu Company for research, but Xi Jinping was the first to see the laboratory. He attached great importance to corporate scientific research. There, he talked cordially with researchers from Fengzhu Company and asked many technical questions. At the subsequent symposium, Chen Clarification sat face to face with Xi Jinping. He introduced the development process of Fengzhu Company to Xi Jinping. At that time, Fengzhu Company was preparing to go public. After listening to this, Xi Jinping was very sure and encouraged Fengzhu Company to move from a family system to a joint-stock system. The practice of Fengzhu Company in the party's industrial group is also fully recognized. "The provincial governors all support it. That proves that our approach is not wrong, and we will let go." The arrival of provincial leaders gave Chen Clarification a "cardiotonic" at that time, making him more determined in what he was doing and clearer in his direction.


As an early researcher of Jinjiang model and the first digger of Fengzhu Party building case, the author had the honor to experience the whole process of Xi Jinping's investigation of Fengzhu Company. He was deeply impressed by Xi Jinping's forward-looking ability and people-friendly style of lifting heavy weights and skillfully controlling major topics in the visit, research and symposium.

Since then, Fengzhu Company has been rated as a banner of national non-public economic party building and a benchmark of private enterprise culture in southern Fujian by the Organization Department of the Central Committee and the Fujian Provincial Party Committee. In July 2021, the 4000-square-meter "Fengzhu Environmental Protection Party Building Cultural Park" invested and constructed by Fengzhu Environmental Protection Company was officially unveiled, becoming the first "Party Building Environmental Protection" theme cultural park in Jinjiang City.

Fengzhu company outstanding big party building work has greatly promoted the development of the company. As time goes by, Fengzhu's big party building has long been internalized into the spirit of the enterprise. "Entrepreneurs should have confidence and believe in the policies of the party and the state when the industry is difficult." Chen clarified that. These will make the enterprise calm and sincere, against the temptation, accept the baptism of time, in order to have the big country craftsman-style intoxication and persistence to the industry.

Fengzhu Company is also committed to creating material homes, spiritual homes and ideological homes for employees. Now, every year Fengzhu Company will allocate more than 100 million yuan specifically for trade union expenses. Fengzhu trade union has been "the first in Jinjiang" for ten consecutive years in the evaluation of standardized construction of trade unions in Jinjiang City, which has solved many worries for employees. In Anton's new factory, Fengzhu Company has achieved "one person, one room" for ordinary workers ". In the dormitory building construction of Anton new factory, in order to solve the problem that the sound from upstairs affects the rest from downstairs, sound insulation pads are specially added to the dormitory floor to avoid mutual interference among workers in three shifts and improve the sleep of workers. Not long ago, in the case of the impact of the epidemic is still relatively large, Fengzhu company "full salary". These have to rely on a feeling.


Fengzhu Company is also actively creating a learning organization. Fengzhu Company established the "Fengzhu Training College" in 2017 to integrate internal and external training resources such as Quanzhou Textile and Garment College, Huaqiao University, Xi 'an University of Engineering, etc. for internal staff training. After three years of study, students can obtain a full-time college degree in dyeing and finishing major. At the request of Chen Clarification, this year began to sink to the bottom, focusing on the team leader and supervisor. This is highly consistent with the guiding concept of the growth channel and development path of "skilled workers-skilled talents-highly skilled talents-big country craftsmen" required by the state. This kind of humanized care for employees is also an important part of Fengzhu's social responsibility.

From the Fengzhu Party Building to the Fengzhu Trade Union, we know who Fengzhu Company is "for"; this kind of silent responsibility, without exception, interprets the nine words "make more contributions to social progress. This is a noble spirit, there is a soul of the enterprise. Chen clarified that he often asked and encouraged employees to "have positive energy" and "help others make progress". Only with noble integrity can we maintain our first heart and keep the bottom line.

As a pioneer of domestic non-public party building, Fengzhu party building has long been sublimated to "connotative party building". What is the "connotative party building"? "Listen to the country and have a sense of the overall situation" is the real party building, and there are "feelings for the people, family and country, and world" is the real party building! Fengzhu Company responded to the call to build a new factory for green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, which is called "overall awareness". Fengzhu Company "does not add burden to the society" to be a "environmental pioneer in polluting industries" and to care for employees, which is called "feelings for the people". This "connotative party building" of Fengzhu Company is worth advocating and learning.

"Make more contributions to social progress" is the core value and development concept of Fengzhu corporate culture, and party building is the backbone of corporate culture. The rich history of Fengzhu Party Working Group has laid a solid foundation for Fengzhu Company in the early stage of development. It is expected to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise through high-quality party building work in the future.

I hope this "red engine" can further shape the corporate soul of Fengzhu Company and let Fengzhu Company go higher and farther!


Yiye Zhiqiu: Fengzhu Company is the "epitome" of "Jinjiang Experience" in terms of ingenuity and spirit"


Xi Jinping wrote ten thousand words for "Jinjiang experience" in 2002. He mentioned "Jinjiang experience" again 17 years later during the two sessions in 2019 ".

In the author's opinion, the core of "Jinjiang experience" is "keeping integrity and innovation". "Shouzheng" enables it to "stick to industry", while "innovation" enables it to "carry forward the past and open up the future". The combination of these two opposite characteristics has brought Jinjiang sustained prosperity for 20 to 30 years.

Shi Yongkang, former secretary of the Quanzhou Municipal CPC Committee, said: "the most distinctive feature of Jinjiang's experience is to firmly grasp the development of the real economy, the core driving force is reform and innovation, and the core connotation is all-round development."


Behind the "Jinjiang Experience" is the Minnan culture. The diversity of Minnan culture makes it have the tension to accommodate two opposite ideas, which is the basis for the success of "Jinjiang experience. In the "Jinjiang experience" under the guidance of Hengan, Anta, 361 °...... a number of dynamic development of private enterprises for China's industry leader. At present, Jinjiang City has cultivated two industrial clusters with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan and five industrial clusters with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan, with more than 800 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan and 50 listed enterprises, ranking first in the number of counties in the country. In Jinjiang, there are a group of entrepreneurs like Chen Chengqing who "have no distractions" and "stick to it". This is the secret that the "Jinjiang experience" is still strong.

In the author's opinion, the development model of Fengzhu Company is "Jinjiang".

"Fengzhu Model" = Modern Enterprise System with Family System Core Great Power Craftsman's Intoxication of Industry and Adherence to "Dare to Be the First" Exploration and Innovation in Intelligent Manufacturing and Green Manufacturing are deeply rooted in the founder's blood "to make more contributions to social progress" of the party building and environmental protection governance.


Fengzhu Company is the epitome and model of "ingenuity spirit" in "Jinjiang Experience. Jinjiang's enterprises include three types: head enterprises such as Hengan, Anta, etc. Fengzhu Company is recognized in Jinjiang in four aspects: first, Fengzhu Company's social responsibility of "big party building" and "making more contributions to social progress"; second, it always maintains advanced environmental protection governance; third, it adheres to the "ingenuity spirit" of its main business; fourth, it implements the innovative spirit of the new development concept.

Therefore, it is appropriate to dissect the "Jinjiang experience" with Fengzhu Company as a case study.

"Enterprise is the personality expansion of entrepreneurs", and Chen Clarification, who strives for perfection, has created Fengzhu Company, which is "ingenious and intelligent. However, it is undeniable that Fengzhu Company has its weaknesses as a professional company. For example, the ability to capture opportunities is not enough, and the construction of internal and external networks is not enough. This is the weakness of Fengzhu Company, the weakness of most enterprises in Jinjiang, and even the common weakness of professional companies. Or, this is not a weakness, but a characteristic; because this is "biased to be useful". Therefore, the development speed of Fengzhu Company is not very fast these years. We hope that Fengzhu Company will be able to jump out of the inherent limitations of specialized companies and achieve leapfrog development while maintaining the "craftsman spirit" of specialized companies in the future.


Great Power Craftsmen: "Craftsmanship Made by Ingenuity" and "Condensing Life" Enterprises Propel the Future of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing"

Then why did it take so much effort to take out Fengzhu Company as one of the samples of "Made in China" and "Jinjiang Experience" for analysis?

In addition to the deep agreement between Xi Jinping's "praise" for Fengzhu in his 2002 10,000-word long article and Fengzhu's 30-year "ingenuity" and the concept of "being real and focusing on industry" mentioned by General Secretary Xi Jinping in 2019 when he re-mentioned "Jinjiang Experience", it is also because Fengzhu's success can be replicated.

Enterprise development includes two paths: diversification and specialization. Successful diversification requires a review of the situation and a coincidence to take advantage of the situation; while specialization is something everyone can do. As long as you can sink down in an industry and show the energy of "life hanging", you can also use decades to create a boutique enterprise like Fengzhu.

We divide the development of an enterprise into three stages: survival, development and sustainability, and each stage we believe that there must be a key capability. In the survival stage, it is technical ability, in the development stage, it is organizational ability, and in the sustainable stage, it is cultural ability. Technical ability is a solid foundation for enterprise development, which requires an extremely dedicated craftsman spirit. According to the "law of competition exclusion" of enterprises, only by doing deep and thorough in one field can they be invincible. "The foundation is not solid, and the earth is shaking." Many companies we see are too smart and too "listening to six roads and looking in all directions", so they are easily tempted, and finally lead to "industry hollowing out" and "capital". Hot money ", the bamboo basket is empty. Therefore, in today's "smart people" everywhere, "stick to it foolishly" is an unquestionable virtue.


"To live in the world, to stand in the right place in the world, and to walk the road of the world." Jinjiang's experience is "keeping the integrity and innovation". Is the survival way of an enterprise not "keeping the integrity and innovation"? We should set up a monument for heroes and set up a biography for typical enterprises, and enlighten the world and encourage the latecomers to follow.

General Secretary Xi Jinping once said: "If there are several Jinjiang in Fujian Province, Fujian will be different." Here, we also want to say that "if there are more Fengzhu in the Chinese business community, our industrial foundation will be solid". The manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of building a country, the weapon of rejuvenating the country, and the foundation of a strong country. We should turn "feelings for the people, feelings of family and country, and feelings of the world" into concrete actions day by day, and focus on intensive cultivation in one field, so as to consolidate the industrial foundation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and condense into a strong national competitiveness.

If the four words "ingenuity and wisdom" can be used to describe the past, present and future of Fengzhu Company, then the 30-year struggle history of Fengzhu Company is a process of "being in the right position and setting one's life. The right position sets the life, from the "Book of Changes" Ding Gua, like the biography: there is fire on the wood, Ding; A gentleman uses his right position to set his life. The tripod is the most important weapon of the country, and the gentleman uses his position to set his life, such as the town of the tripod. It means to put the right position with righteousness and mindfulness, gather strength and do things steadily in order to accomplish one's mission. Since the establishment of the factory, the founder of Fengzhu Company has spent more than 30 years composing Fengzhu into a song and a poem, and laid the foundation of "a century of Fengzhu.

China is in the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and we are in a magnificent era. This era needs not only wise politicians, each of us will be the fulcrum of this history. This great era needs historical bearers with ingenuity and innovation in all walks of life. China needs a large number of enterprises like Fengzhu Company that are "ingenious and intelligent" and "full of life" to support the future of "China's intelligent manufacturing.


The first heart is in the square inch, and the ingenuity is at hand. In fact, it is not only enterprises, but all walks of life in China should have this kind of "craftsman spirit" of conscientiously doing their own work well, striving for perfection and being intoxicated in the work, and the unity of things and me. This is the foundation for a society to prosper. Otherwise, no matter how prosperous the surface is, it is a mirage castle in the air, and everything will become a dream bubble. We must return to the basics and give sufficient respect to each work itself; each work is not only a superficial "number" and "price", but has its abundant intrinsic value. While creating products, we are also creating ourselves and creating this society; the "craftsman spirit" including dedication, lean, focus, innovation, etc. will sublimate and complete a person's personality, thus achieving a prosperous, great and believing country.

"Great country craftsmen" is the foundation of the people and the foundation of a strong country.

I would like to pay tribute to the "great craftsmen" in this article.


PostscriptThrough the study of "dissecting sparrows" in the case of Fengzhu Company, "Jinjiang Experience" and "Made in China" have become more vivid and visible. The success of the "Jinjiang experience" is not accidental. It not only has the cultural factor of Minnan culture, but also has the support of a down-to-earth enterprise like Fengzhu Company. From a regional perspective, there should be more Jinjiang and from an enterprise perspective, there should be more Fengzhu. And "Made in China" also needs a lot of people like Fengzhu Company who are creative and innovative. All the past, are preface, braving the wind and waves, set sail! We look forward to Jinjiang and Fengzhu Company to achieve further success and glory! Looking forward to from "Made in China" to "Made in China", it will give China's economy the wings to take off! May the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation come true as soon as possible!




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