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Fynex Textile: innovation is the driving force of enterprise development

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From weaving, dyeing, bleaching and dyeing, garment, sewage treatment plants to cotton subsidiary...... Fujian Fengzhu textile Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as Fengzhu) not only have covered, and everything is doing fine, well done. Fengzhu textile in Fujian province is the largest professional manufacturer of knitting dyeing and knitwear export production base, is the national circular economy pilot units, in 2012 the company was listed as the third batch of national innovative enterprise, is the first national innovative enterprises in Quanzhou City, it is worthy of the name "little giant". Behind such a strong technological strength, what kind of independent innovation stories do we have?

First of all, the FYNEX energy-saving work throughout all aspects of production, at the same time, the products of independent innovation on the full effort, and these changes need to technological innovation as the driving force.

In addition, Fengzhu have also made remarkable achievements in cleaner production and improve environmental pollution. In 2006, the company independent research and development project "printing and dyeing wastewater reuse technology and new technology" was listed as a major science and technology projects in Fujian Province, the project in 2009 by Fujian province science and Technology Department to identify acceptance, reached the international advanced level, annual economic benefits 15 million 635 thousand and 600 yuan, the project has played a positive role in improving the ecological environment plays.

Science and technology innovation as the driving force of development, Fengzhu textile is how to unite this powerful technical force, so the production efficiency?

as early as 2001, Fengzhu Textile Technology Center was established. In April 2006, Fengzhu Technology Center Testing Center Laboratory Accreditation Committee approved by Chinese CNAS, become the first in Fujian province to carry out third party business textile testing laboratory. Good scientific and technological innovation, hardware facilities and enterprise development prospects have attracted a large number of ideal scientists and technicians gathered here. Fengzhu Textile Technology Center has management, dyeing and finishing, computer, environmental protection more than 10 professional senior personnel, senior engineer and master of education more than 19 people, R & D personnel 257 people, accounting for 13.1% of the total number of workers, college education staff of 595 people, accounting for 30.4% of the total number of employees. Since 2005, R & D has invested more than 15 million yuan per year, which provides a good infrastructure and financial support for the construction of R & D projects.

Fengzhu textile dyeing technology and R & D personnel will control the process and the existing system of combining real-time assessment of each production line, each working team and the major energy consuming equipment, so as to achieve process optimization, rational use of energy, waste control, energy saving and emission reduction.

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