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Our talent strategy: talent resource is the vigor source of an enterprise, as well as the most precious wealth for realizing strategic plans of an enterprise. The talent acceptance and rejection standard of Fengzhu is the spirit of “Honesty, Study, Innovation”. We firmly believe that first-class talent is the cornerstone of establishing a first-class enterprise. “People Basis, Technology Orientation, Integral Progress” is the core connotation of talent philosophy of Fengzhu Textile.

1. Spirit: Honesty, Study, Innovation  
Honesty: be honest to the government, the society, customers and employees, to won the trust and recognition of employees, users, the society and the government.
Study: the company advocates and creates the atmosphere of “Work + Study”, to improve our own quality and abilities relying on work and self-study.
Innovation: the company lays emphasis on innovation, and gives great impetus to knowledge innovation, technical innovation and independent innovation, to realize great-leap-forward development of the enterprise.

2. Talent Values: Morality, Cooperation, Specialty, Loyalty
Morality: Fengzhu requires all the staff to do possess good awareness of morality, to keep the mentality of “True, Good, Beautiful” forever.
Cooperation: all the jobs are not done by one person, good performance is the achievements of team cooperation and common efforts.
Specialty: There is expertise involved in every profession. The only way to possess the foundation of doing business is diligent study and more questions in the professional field.
Loyalty: be loyal to families; be loyal to the post; be loyal to the enterprise.

3. Professional ethics: love the enterprise; love the post; love products.

4. Team Philosophy: carry forward team spirit, boldly create brilliant achievements.

5. Development Values: grow together with the company.

6. Common Vision: achieve ourselves while achieving the enterprise.