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New products and new process projects developed by Fynex Technology Center in recent years have been identified as international advanced level (6) and domestic leading level (10) by Fujian Department of Science and Technology, and won 1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 4 second prizes of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, 5 third prizes of Science and Technology Award of CNTAC, 3 first prizes of Quanzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 Quanzhou Municipal Significant S&T Contribution Award and 1 Mayor Special Prize of Jinjiang Municipal Science and Technology Award. Meanwhile, Fynex Technology Center undertook 2005 Fujian Key S&T Special Project and 2007 National Key Technology Development Special Project, completed 2013 Fujian Provincial S&T Planning Project, Stain-release Moisture Absorbing & Quick Drying Functional Knitted Fabric Technology Development, finished Fujian Provincial S&T Planning Project, Particle Filter-based Online Dyeing Liquor Concentration Monitoring Technology in 2014, and undertook 2014 Quanzhou Municipal S&T Planning Project, Waste Gas Heat Recovery and Measurement Monitoring System of Setting Machine.

The technology center conducts technology and product innovation centered on market variation and customer requirements, formulates and implements technical transformation plans and product development plans according to the grasp of development changing trends of the textile market, and carries out technical problem tackling in combination with specific requirements of customer orders, to improve finishing technologies of textiles, increase technical contents and additional values of products and expand new economic growth points by applying new materials, new equipment, new processes and new technologies.

The company inputs development expenses into the research of high/new technologies and products in the technology center every year, which account for over 5% of the annual total sales of the company, and takes scientific research and development expenses into special budgets, to ensure sufficient, timely and in-place scientific research and development expenses. During technical development and technical innovation, Fynex Textile insists on the combination of production, study and research, actively carries out S&T cooperation and academic exchange with industry insiders at home and abroad, and constantly absorbs the latest technologies in the world, to improve our own R&D ability and level.