Based on the original 30 years of sewage treatment experience, combined with new technological achievements, the company designed and invested a new sewage treatment plant based on COD30 standard, with a designed daily treatment capacity of 13000 tons. The company continuously optimizes the sewage treatment process, with "biological method as the main method, physical and chemical method as the auxiliary", adopts the combined process of "UASB + efficient contact oxidation + coagulation sedimentation" with flexible process flow, strong adaptability and good treatment effect, and is equipped with the advanced continuous flow sand filtration technology of Sweden Nordic Water. At the same time, the sewage treatment plant is equipped with a reclaimed water reuse system with a water yield of 6500 tons/day. UF + RO reverse osmosis membrane reuse technology is adopted, and the reuse rate of sewage treatment reaches 50%, which is used for dyeing and finishing workshop production.

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