Xi Bao │ 16 employees won the honor of high-skilled talents in Quanzhou City

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Jinjiang City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau confirmed that the list of high-skilled talents in Quanzhou City, Jinjiang City in 2022 was announced:



The company has 16 employees shortlisted for Quanzhou high-skilled talents this time, which is inseparable from the company's comprehensive implementation of the skilled talent training plan in recent years. The company establishes and improves the institutional environment to promote the construction of high-skilled personnel, and strives to build a professional high-skilled personnel team security system. Guided by marketization and socialization, we will further promote the "school-enterprise" cooperation mechanism, vigorously carry out training, further integrate resources, and achieve a win-win situation for school-enterprise cooperation.



Explore the "industrial talent" training model. Adhere to the enterprise production line, cultivate a group of industry, the field of outstanding technical experts and industry skills leader. We are committed to creating a complex and innovative echelon of high-skilled talents, constantly consolidating various production professional teams, and maximizing the potential of high-skilled talents. Continuously improve the evaluation and incentive mechanism of high-skilled talents, and form the advantage of gathering talents and retaining talents by optimizing the environment for the growth and development of talents. Build a high-skilled personnel team with excellent quality and reasonable structure, exquisite skills and outstanding achievements.







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