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Recently, the headline of the 2nd edition of the People's Daily News published a report ''Digital and Intelligent Transformation Deeply Promotes the Upgrading of Traditional Industries, Upgrading Chain and Vitality (New Economic Orientation, Vigorously Boosting Market Confidence) '', focusing on various regions and departments in the new year In China, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and promote the hot practice of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. A detailed report on the practice case of digital intelligent transformation of Fujian Fengzhu Textile "reducing cost and efficiency, daring to explore" (the following excerpt from People's Daily):




Traditional Industry Upgrading, Chain Upgrading, Vitality Upgrading

Digital and intelligent transformation to further promote


The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to promote the development of high-end, intelligent and green manufacturing. The Central Economic Work Conference emphasized that the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries should be promoted. With the deepening of digital and intelligent transformation, the overall strength, quality and efficiency, innovation, competitiveness and anti risk ability of China's traditional industries have been significantly improved. In the new year, all regions and departments will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.


Cost reduction and efficiency improvement/An intelligent three-dimensional warehouse to stimulate the new potential of enterprises


The intelligent three-dimensional warehouse was completely dark. The automatic stacker walked through the roadway, taking out the iron basket containing 500 kilograms of finished cloth from the shelf more than 20 meters high and slowly putting it on the rail shuttle car. The green light flashed, and the car with the iron basket slid quickly on the track to the exit. At this time, Shi Yifu, head of the storage department of Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd., had already stood at the exit waiting for the outbound review. "In the past, I took the porters to look for cloth on shelves one by one in the warehouse, moved one horse into the basket, and pulled it out with a trailer. As soon as there were more orders, it was easy to keep up with them. Now I can 'call' the cloth by standing at the door and moving my fingers." While talking, Shi Yifu scanned the bar codes on the cloth one by one with his palm computer. With a light finger, the goods were delivered out of the warehouse. "With the help of the intelligent storage system, the storage and exit are fast and accurate, and a lot of labor is saved." Shi Yifu said that with the help of intelligent transformation, this traditional textile enterprise in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, founded in 1987, has stimulated new potential.


Since its inception in the 1980 s, the output value of Fujian textile shoes and clothing industry cluster has broken trillion yuan. However, in the development, many labor-intensive textile enterprises still use relatively low-end production equipment due to long-term dependence on low-cost expansion, and face development bottlenecks such as unstable product quality, overcapacity, declining profit margins, difficult and expensive labor. In 2023, Fujian Province proposed to focus on high-end, intelligent and green, and accelerate the quality and efficiency of pillar industries such as electronic information, advanced equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, and modern textiles and clothing. Looking at the policy has been introduced, Fengzhu textile management moved the heart. "The intelligent transformation should be considered comprehensively and highlight the key points. In the printing and dyeing production, the material circulation speed is the engine, which determines the efficiency. The energy consumption accounts for about 25% of the production cost. The company decides to start with the storage system and energy consumption monitoring." Company administrative director Ye Weigang said.


In order to accurately meet the production demand, Fengzhu Textile and the intelligent transformation service provider have designed more than 100 workflows for communication with the storage system, and the design plan has been revised by more than 100 drafts. After the transformation, the production efficiency of the factory has been greatly improved, the storage labor cost has been reduced by 50%, the energy cost of dyeing process has been reduced by 30%, and the reuse rate of reclaimed water has reached 50%, saving at least 15000 tons of standard coal and 20 million yuan cost every year. "The cost has been reduced and the efficiency has been improved. We have confidence in the future development!" Ye Weigang said.


Starting from exploration to advance in depth/Multi-level public service system promotes digital transformation


Traditional industries have a large number and a high proportion in the manufacturing industry, which is the focus and difficulty of digital and intelligent transformation. At the beginning of Fengzhu textile transformation, it also faced the problem that there was no reference case and experience in the same industry. "I don't know whether the money can be made and whether the effect is good or not." Ye Weigang said that everyone took the warehouse as an example to calculate the account. Although the construction cost of the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse is slightly higher, the comprehensive cost of labor and operation after production can be calculated according to the whole life cycle of the factory. The intelligent three-dimensional warehouse is far better than the traditional warehouse, "it still needs to be changed!"


According to reports, in recent years, China has deeply implemented the industrial Internet innovation and development project, continuously deepened the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, and the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional industries is changing from exploration to in-depth promotion. continue to consolidate the foundation for high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.


The results of Fengzhu Textile's in-depth practice of digital and intelligent transformation have been fully affirmed by the government and people from all walks of life. In the future, Fengzhu Textile will further summarize practical experience and take "planting the industrial foundation, strengthening and optimizing the enterprise, and optimizing the development environment" as the guiding concept. Continue to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.




* Source: People's Daily

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