Cast brilliant vitality with heart-"March 8th Women's Day" activity collection

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Every one of you, is the era of wonderful,

be conscientious in their work posts,

Working hard in family life,

In the days that belong to you, send a bunch of flowers,

May you continue to shine your own light on the road in the future.


Spring is blooming. On the occasion of the national "two sessions" and "March 8th" International Women's Day, Fengzhu Textile launched the activity of "casting splendor with heart and vitality". More than 400 people including women in their departments participated. The party committee and trade union sent holiday greetings to the female employees of the company in advance.


On the day of the festival, the atmosphere was arranged and a series of small gifts were given to record the interesting and lovely side of the female compatriots who worked hard on weekdays. The activities enrich the amateur cultural life of hard-working female employees, and further enhance their enthusiasm for work, so as to encourage the majority of female employees to stand on their posts, work hard, and use the spirit of craftsmen to polish the background of the strugglers in the new era, and better guide female employees in the enterprise Play a unique role in development.



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