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Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Fengzhu Textile) has successfully passed the first batch of China Customs AEO senior certification units. Tian Shuai, director of Quanzhou Customs, personally issued the "AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise" certificate to Fengzhu Textile, marking that Fengzhu Textile has officially joined the AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise team and obtained the "Green Pass" for global trade "!

Left: Chen Hui, Executive Vice President of Fengzhu Textile

Right: Tian Shuai, director of Quanzhou Customs

With the continuous changes in the international trade situation, enterprises need to constantly look for new markets and trade opportunities. Fengzhu Textile opened the AEO advanced certification program in the first place. With the help of China Zhongjian Fujian Company, the enterprise has gradually improved the internal control of the enterprise and strengthened the trade security from the preliminary investigation and evaluation, to the upgrading and rectification of software and hardware, and then to the system combing, making our application for certification very smooth. AEO certification is an international standard that not only enjoys preferential customs policies, but also gains wider international recognition and trust, which helps companies gain more competitive advantages and business opportunities in international trade.

AEO is a certified operator (Authorized Economic Operator), which is the highest credit rating of the customs. It aims to protect and facilitate the growing international business and international trade, and enhance the security and facilitation of the global trade supply chain. AEO advanced certification is known as the "crown pearl" of the import and export industry. After passing the customs AEO advanced certification, enterprises can not only enjoy a package of facilitation measures such as lower inspection rate of import and export goods, priority customs clearance procedures for import and export goods, and exclusive coordinator services in China, but also enjoy convenient preferential measures provided by countries that have signed AEO mutual recognition agreements with China, thus improving customs clearance efficiency and reducing customs clearance costs at home and abroad. In May 2024, the 6th Global AEO Conference will be held in Shenzhen. China Customs is making every effort to promote the facilitation of customs clearance for AEO advanced certification enterprises, and has continuously introduced measures to benefit enterprises to help enterprises enhance their international competitiveness.

The leaders of Fengzhu textile enterprises said that in the future, enterprises will continue to cultivate overseas markets, make full use of the policy convenience brought by customs AEO advanced certification for enterprise development, improve the operation standards of enterprises, and constantly improve the competitiveness of Fengzhu textile in the international market through intelligent production, product innovation and environmental protection, so as to provide efficient and high-quality products for global customers.

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