2024 Fengzhu Textile Celebrates "May 1st" and Welcomes "May 4th" Series of Activities Successfully Held!

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On May 6, the 2024 Fengzhu Textile Celebration "May 1st" and "May 4th" series of activities organized by the Party Committee, Trade Union, and Youth League Committee of Fujian Fengzhu Group Co., Ltd. were successfully held. This series of activities includes "double love and double evaluation" selection activities, skill competitions and five interesting activities. Through the way of skill competition and bonus incentive, we can create an atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing", stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to learn technology, practice skills hard, improve the professional skill level of all employees, and build a team of high-quality skilled employees!

Commend skilled craftsmen and inherit the spirit of craftsmen. At the award ceremony, Fengzhu Company commended the advanced groups, outstanding managers and outstanding employees who have made outstanding contributions to the economic construction and social and cultural development of the enterprise. It effectively mobilized and stimulated the creativity of employees, promoted the further harmony of the relationship between enterprises and employees, realized the harmony and stability of labor relations, and made positive contributions to the reform, development and stability of Fengzhu.

This competition series of activities is divided into two categories: skill competition and sports competition. In the skill competition, the competition is carried out around the work skills required for production, such as "dyeing and finishing proofing", "testing skills", "car cloth head skills", "weaving and preservation skills", etc. The stylistic competition mainly focuses on "answering the question of dyeing and finishing knowledge". The atmosphere of the scene is high, everyone is united and cooperative, based on their posts, striving to be experts, showing skilled operation skills and excellent technical quality one after another, and a number of skilled and excellent employees have emerged and achieved excellent results.

The fun activities are mainly divided into five items: darts, standing long jump, rope skipping time trial, ferrule and marbles clip. The contestants devote themselves to the activities with full enthusiasm, showing the team spirit of cooperation, unity and win-win, and creating a good competition atmosphere. This fun competition shows Fengzhu's positive corporate culture, and also reflects the spirit of employees' love for the collective and sincere cooperation.

In 2024, Fengzhu Textile celebrated the "May 1st" and welcomed the "May 4th" series of activities, vigorously promoted the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and craftsmanship in the new era, insisted on focusing on industrial workers, demonstrated the demeanor of employees, and strengthened the team Cohesion and centripetal force. At the same time, it also provides a platform for employees to learn from each other. Through skill competition, it further stimulates the enthusiasm and innovative spirit of employees, boosts the spirit of entrepreneurship, and takes the commended advanced individuals as an example to fully implement the company. Various decision-making arrangements, with a truth-seeking and pragmatic work style, strict self-discipline ethics, inherit fine traditions and uphold corporate culture.

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