Fengqi New Bamboo Dream Win-Win │ Fengzhu Textile Officially Completed and Put into Production

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In 2018, in response to the national industrial innovation and upgrading and low-carbon environmental protection policy, implementing the concept of innovation and development, and promoting the digital upgrading of the textile industry, the company started the construction of Anton's new plant with a high starting point, high standards and high requirements as the overall plan, which was initially completed and put into trial production in 2020.



On October 30, the company's Anton new factory held a completion and commissioning ceremony, which marked another important milestone in the development of Fengzhu Textile.


The company will take the completion and commissioning of the new Anton factory as an opportunity to improve core technology and brand image, optimize cost structure, improve work efficiency, and improve product quality, and build the new Anton factory into an intelligent, green, and digital textile industry in the country. The benchmark of the printing and dyeing factory continues to promote the development of the textile printing and dyeing industry in the direction of "green, high-end, and intelligent", and provide customers with the best quality products and services at home and abroad.



In the past 36 years, Fengzhu has experienced ups and downs, setbacks and adversity, but it has always been free from distractions to do business, adhere to the deep cultivation of the textile industry and continue to innovate, becoming the "epitome" of the "Jinjiang Experience" in terms of ingenuity ". Growing up from Jinjiang and feeding back Jinjiang, Fengzhu donated 6 million yuan to Jinjiang Charity Federation when it was completed and put into production. Jinjiang leaders Zhang Wenxian, Wang Mingyuan, Lin Renda, Xu Hongcheng and Lin Qingfeng, and Xu Lianjie, president of Jinjiang Charity Federation, attended the donation ceremony.




Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to focus on customers, promote the company to change to the direction of high-quality development through technological innovation, service upgrading and business transformation, and closely follow the requirements of government policies. implement the development concept of "intelligent, green and digital", and continue to lead the transformation and upgrading of the textile printing and dyeing industry. Continue to uphold the business philosophy of "integrity, collaboration, innovation, and win-win", practice the core values of "contributing more to social progress", and contribute to Jinjiang's efforts to build a strong private economy in China.






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